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To clear up some of the points above.

The Rest of britian winners (Scotland, Lancs, Yorks, Glousces, warks, herts) are currently ranked as Junior teams but effeftively they are at the same level as London Intermediate teams.
They used to compete against the senior champs of London for the All British championship but the were pulled out of this after some hammerings.
The London inter champs they joined the fold and the british Champs (not including London Seniors) went into the All ireland Intermediate championship.
Again following some hammerinsg in this competition they were demoted to Junior All ireland I think about 2006.

London Junior teams didnt have any All britian to compete in so they started to play in a play off against the london inter Champs about 2 years ago.

London Senior winners would be too strong for the rest of britian teams although their would be a few teams that would give them a game they would still win. They have repeatetly put it up to the senior teams that come over to play them in the All Ireland Quater final all be it without a victory but it will come. The All Britian Champs have only won about 3 games in the All ireland Junior Competition so that shows the gap.

What would be a good idea would be to put the london Junior and inter champs into the draw for the All britian instead of making them play off against each other each year. That would mean there are 8 teams and you could have 4 quarter finals. the current system has 3 quarter finals and one team gets a bye to the semi final. The London Junior winners would be a match for some of the winners from the other counties. I think they would be evenly matched against all bar the top 2 or 3 teams.

highball1 (UK) - Posts: 47 - 11/10/2012 16:57:36    1281780


I still think the London senior champs are still a bit too strong for the other counties. You have to remember the London senior champs have given some of the top clubs from home close games the last few years. If the British champions were capable of challenging the London champs I would expect them to be winning All Ireland Juniors. I think the the likes of Mitchells, Cuchullainns, Connollys and Peters would be very competitive in London senior but just fall short of being good enough to win. I think if they were to play the London senior teams on a regular basis they would improve and I could then see a team outside London being the best in Britain.
Also I don't know if they teams outside London have the financial backing that some of the teams in London have?

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 1919 - 11/10/2012 17:13:45    1281785


Great idea to bring back the Cannon Stretch, This was a seriously good completion back in the day and was won by some great teams from every corner of the Isles. As the standard has improved around the rest of Britain now might be the time to bring this back.

Also I would like to see a return to All Britain 7 a side tournament, this is another competition that has long since been neglected.

rathvilly (Carlow) - Posts: 70 - 11/10/2012 18:21:03    1281826


some good points made above,

why not propose the canon stretch to return at convention? now is the time

similarly the all britain junior winners to play off with the london seniors lets really see what the gap is, both teams still training and with targets to go for would it be any harm to try it for a few years, there have been friendlies played between them in recent years and the gap wasnt too much.

throw the top 4 college teams into it in january\february after their championships for a pre season - could be a decent competition?

was it not the 9 a sides that used to be played in PNH over the years?

on the point of winning all ireland juniors, easier said than done when you come up against the brian sheehans of the world, in some home counties in munster such as cork and kerry the junior teams are fairly strong.

good to see some decent debate on here for a change

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 12/10/2012 08:40:53    1281979


Thanks for clearing that up highball, I didn't realise the other counties were ranked as Junior! I wonder are their fellas in say manchester or liverpool not bother playing because they perceive the standard to be too low? If these clubs were playing senior london teams on a regular basis would they pick up new quality players?

draydis (UK) - Posts: 81 - 12/10/2012 10:11:08    1282009


It's a pity the uni teams can't play in the county championships the way they do in Cork etc. Would be good to get some form of organised competition with them though. It would seem there are very few students playing for the top ABC teams.

mylovelyhorse (UK) - Posts: 36 - 13/10/2012 13:48:17    1282483


Re: draydis, it's a case of who you know in Lancashire from what I have seen from the county squad, but that isn't faulting the players there as they are 100% committed to the cause. There are fellas there that have been involved in county teams back home, even senior club level players that won't have a look in but reina rely would add to the intensity at training and increase the level of competition for places. The standard is improving and no doubt, if all the county teams were involved with more games on offer, like an all Britain nrl, or have a fbd/McKenna cup style preseason, involving the UNi teams would mean more football and bring on the level to compete at the business end. This may be a logistical thing but if that was sorted, it would be beneficial for everyone concerned

shabba (Down) - Posts: 55 - 13/10/2012 19:01:10    1282619