Ladies: Champions to open 2019 league campaign at home to Donegal

November 28, 2018

Dublin leave the pitch after their Ladies League Division 1 semi-final victory over Galway at Kinnegad.
©INPHO/Oisin Keniry.

CHAMPIONS Dublin will face Donegal at home in the opening round of 2019 Lidl National League Division 1 Fixtures on Saturday, February 2.

The Sky Blues are also the TG4 All-Ireland Senior title holders after a remarkable 2018 campaign saw them scoop a League and Championship Double.

Dublin boss Mick Bohan has committed to another two years at the helm and he will now attempt to mastermind successful defences of his team’s high-profile crowns next year.

TG4 All-Ireland Final runners-up Cork will also have home advantage in their first Lidl NFL Division 1 fixture of 2019.

Ephie Fitzgerald’s side, who won the TG4 Munster Senior title in 2018, will entertain Connacht champions Galway – and that game is also pencilled in for Saturday, February 2.

On Sunday, February 3, 2018 Lidl NFL Division 1 runners-up Mayo welcome newly-promoted Tipperary to the West, while Westmeath have home advantage for their clash with Monaghan.

Looking ahead, Dublin will have home advantage against Mayo on Saturday, February 23, in round 3, while the repeat of the 2018 TG4 All-Ireland Senior Final between Dublin and Cork is pencilled in for Sunday, April 7, with Cork having home advantage in round 7. 

In Division 2, Clare will entertain Kerry in a Munster derby, Waterford host Wexford, Laois take on Armagh, and Tyrone, the TG4 All-Ireland Intermediate champions, travel to Cavan for an all-Ulster clash in the opening round of fixtures.

Division 3 of the 2019 Lidl NFL will see Sligo at home to Meath, Longford taking on Kildare, Offaly entertaining Down, and Roscommon at home to Wicklow in Round 1.

And in Division 4, Limerick will meet Louth in a repeat of the 2018 TG4 All-Ireland Junior Final, which was won by the Shannonsiders, on the opening day.

Elsewhere, Carlow entertain Kilkenny, Antrim are at home to Leitrim and Derry make the journey to Fermanagh.

The Divisional semi-finals are fixed for the weekend of April 20/21, and the showpiece Finals will be decided over the weekend of May 4/5.


2019 Lidl National Football League Fixture List

Division 1

Round 1 - 2nd/3rd February     

2nd February     
Dublin (H) v Donegal 
Cork (H) v Galway 

3rd February     
Mayo (H) v Tipperary 
Westmeath (H) v Monaghan 
Round 2 - 9th/10th February     

9th February     
Monaghan (H) v Galway 

10th February     
Donegal (H) v Mayo  
Tipperary (H) v Dublin 
Westmeath (H) v Cork 
Round 3 - 23rd/24th February     

23rd February     
Dublin (H) v Mayo 

Cork (H) v Tipperary 

24th February     
Galway (H) v Westmeath 
Donegal (H) v Monaghan 
Round 4 - 2nd/3rd March     

2nd March     
Mayo (H) v Galway 
Donegal (H)  v Tipperary 

3rd March     
Monaghan (H) v Cork
Dublin (H) v Westmeath 

Round 5 - 16th/17th March     

16th March     
Cork (H) v Donegal 
Dublin (H) v Monaghan 

17th March     
Tipperary (H) v Galway 
Westmeath (H) v Mayo 
Round 6 - 24th March      
Mayo (H) v Cork 
Tipperary (H) v Monaghan  
Galway (H) v Dublin 
Donegal (H) v Westmeath 
Round 7 - 7th April     
Cork (H) v Dublin 
Monaghan (H) v Mayo 
Galway (H) v Donegal
Westmeath (H) v Tipperary 


Division 2

Round 1 - 2nd/3rd February     

2nd February     
Clare (H) v Kerry 
Waterford (H) v Wexford  

3rd February     
Laois (H) v Armagh 
Cavan (H) v Tyrone 
Round 2 - 9th/10th February     

9th February     
Kerry (H) v Waterford 

10th February     
Tyrone (H) v Laois 
Wexford (H) v Clare 
Armagh (H) v Cavan
Round 3 - 23rd/24th February     

23rd February     
Cavan (H) v Clare 
Wexford (H) v Tyrone 

24th February     
Laois (H) v Kerry 
Waterford (H) v Armagh 
Round 4 - 2nd/3rd March     

2nd March     
Tyrone (H) v Armagh 

3rd March     
Clare (H) v Laois
Cavan (H) v Waterford 
Kerry (H) v Wexford

Round 5 - 16th/17th March     

16th March     
Kerry (H) v Cavan 

17th March     
Waterford  (H) v Tyrone 
Laois  (H) v Wexford  
Armagh (H) v Clare 
Round 6 - 24th March      
Armagh (H) v Kerry 
Wexford (H) v Cavan 
Waterford (H) v Laois 
Clare (H) v Tyrone 
Round 7 - 7th April     
Tyrone (H) v Kerry 
Clare (H) v Waterford 
Cavan (H) v Laois
Armagh (H) v Wexford 


Division 3

Round 1 - 2nd February     
Sligo (H) v Meath 
Longford (H) v Kildare 
Offaly (H) v Down 
Roscommon (H) v Wicklow 
Round 2 - 10th February     
Wicklow (H) v Down 
Kildare (H) v Roscommon 
Longford (H) v Sligo 
Meath (H) v Offaly 
Round 3 - 23rd/24th February     

23rd February     
Meath (H) v Roscommon 
Offaly (H) v Longford 
Wicklow (H) v Kildare 

24th February     
Down (H) v Sligo 
Round 4 - 3rd March     
Roscommon (H) v Down 
Kildare (H) v Offaly 
Longford (H) v Meath 
Sligo (H) v Wicklow

Round 5 - 17th March     
Sligo (H) v Roscommon  
Kildare (H) v Meath 
Down (H) v Longford 
Wicklow (H) v Offaly 
Round 6 - 24th March
Meath (H) v Wicklow 
Roscommon (H) v Longford 
Kildare (H) v Down  
Offaly (H) v Sligo 
Round 7 - 7th April     
Offaly (H) v Roscommon 
Down (H) v Meath 
Longford (H) v Wicklow 
Sligo (H) v Kildare


Division 4

Round 1 - 2nd/3rd February     

2nd February     
Limerick (H) v Louth 
Carlow (H) v Kilkenny 

3rd February     
Antrim (H) v Leitrim 
Fermanagh (H) v Derry 
Round 2 - 10th February     
Leitrim (H) v Derry 
Antrim (H) v Fermanagh 
Louth (H) v Kilkenny 
Limerick (H) v Carlow 
Round 3 - 23rd/24th February     

23rd February     
Fermanagh (H) v Limerick 
Kilkenny (H) v Antrim 

24th February     
Leitrim (H) v Louth 
Derry (H) v Carlow 
Round 4 - 3rd March     
Derry (H) v Kilkenny 
Carlow (H) v Louth 
Fermanagh (H) v Leitrim 
Antrim (H) v Limerick

Round 5 - 17th March     
Louth (H) v Fermanagh 
Limerick (H) v Kilkenny
Leitrim (H) v Carlow 
Derry (H) v Antrim 
Round 6 - 24th March      
Carlow (H) v Fermanagh
Kilkenny (H) v Leitrim 
Louth (H) v Antrim 
Derry (H) v Limerick
Round 7 - 7th April     
Fermanagh (H) v Kilkenny 
Antrim (H) v Carlow 
Limerick (H) v Leitrim 
Louth (H) v Derry

Playoff/Regulations - 13th /14th April 
Semi Finals - 20th/21st April 
Finals (Div 3 & 4) - 4th May 
Finals (Div 1 & 2) - 5th May 

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