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Sam again?

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Wot a farce of a match wot a ref wot a win
It is a bit hard to take this seriously given a player sent of for ruffling a man's hairdo Bizarre but brilliant take what u get an watch out Kerry here we come

cjx (Tyrone) - Posts: 270 - 08/08/2015 21:33:53    1766238


Hi cjx. Please don't follow the media mob. McCann did not get the Monaghan man sent off. He was sent off for a dangerous tackle on Colm Cavanagh. Read Big Sean's lips straight to the camera, if you can get a replay of the game. "What was he sent off for!!!!!!!!!""

SteveNTS (Tyrone) - Posts: 41 - 10/08/2015 10:37:00    1766995


When I seen the title "Sam Again" I thought this was going to be a serious thread.

Tiernan McCann's dive was shocking everyone agrees now get over it. He is an amazing talent I've been saying this all year, the effort that he puts in is second to none. His only weakness (apart from his hair) is his shooting, he always carries the ball into a dangerous position and lays it off for one of the lads to stick it over, maybe its due to the fact hes ran half the pitch and tiredness leads to a mishit shot or he has to get back in position for the next phase of play.

Tyrones chances of beating Kerry I would say are pretty good, Mickey would be looking at the first Cork game to look at what he can exploit due to not having any other competitive game in the championship. Kerry have shown some signs of weakness throughout the championship against so-called "weaker teams".

IF we do get past Kerry we have a massive final on our hands, the team with "the curse" and "no bottle" that we have failed to beat in the championship, or a repeat of the final 20 Years previous that many of Tyrone Fans feel we should have won.

Find_the_space (Tyrone) - Posts: 299 - 10/08/2015 12:30:06    1767158


"the team with "the curse" and "no bottle" that we have failed to beat in the championship,"

We beat Mayo in 2008 en route to winning Sam......

Tyroneman (None) - Posts: 24 - 10/08/2015 12:50:13    1767183


Apologies, so we did. Not a game I remember seeing

Find_the_space (Tyrone) - Posts: 299 - 11/08/2015 15:39:03    1768165