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May be getting a bit carried away here about this fella and his team mates from the U21 team. I've heard comparisons of him and Canavan previously, skillful, speedy, can shoot with both feet, (can even go between legs of players as seen in Donegal) and looking at his interview seems down to earth and willing to do what it takes to help the team.

Other players from the U21 squad like the Brennans, McShane, Myler are they the new class of 01. They seem to have a great spirit about them and with the losses of PJ Lavery, Shay McGuigan, Kyle Coney etc doesn't seem to be a bad thing after all and i'm sure there are a few more players in that squad that would be willing to take the call from Mickey if needs be, after all there are some players getting over the hill and I assume they will step down in the next couple of years. I think Tiernan McCann is a quality player as well he is still young and the amount of running that he puts in is top notch.

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I don't think the players have ever been a problem to be honest, Tyrone have just been missing a clear plan and playing style for some years, unfortunately the days of the small light crafty forward we are producing look to be dying out as football looks to be making the cycle back to the days of the diagnol or long ball into the inside forward line which Donegal have done so well recently and obviously Dublin and Kerry too. Mayo also seem to be suffering from the problem we have here in that we're just lagging behind the big boys in terms of innovation and keeping up with the pulse of the game.

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