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After a very promising 2013 season that ended against Mayo following a strong league campaign and steady progress through the back door to an All Ireland Semi Final, what do yous think are the chances of Tyrone for 2014.
What new players could be brought into the panel?
What current players need to step up and prove the value to the team.
What should the goals be for 2014.

tyronelegend (Tyrone) - Posts: 270 - 27/08/2013 20:18:54    1469655


I think it's abit early to think about new faces with the championship still to play and men still to prove themselves. As for the current crop, I'd like to see the likes of conan grugan and Ronan McNabb get some game time in the league. I think Kyle Coney was a man lacking a serious bit of confidence this year and I think next year he needs to prove his worth on the senior panel and he isn't just living of past glory. Also this year's experience should stand well to Ronan O'Neill, young mc curry and conor mcaliskey and they should push on and make themselves main stays on the team. Apart from that I would be happy enough to let things go on as they are and hopefully the team can build on this.

On another note, I hope Conor Gormley and Stephen O'Neill stay on at least another year to let the younger ones absorb the undoubted experience that they bring. I also think that they both have plenty to offer with conor in particular still showing he can more than hold his own at this level. that said they owe tyrone nothing and it's their decision to make. either way i am optimistic going into the winter and look forward to a good showing next year aswel

beelzebub (Tyrone) - Posts: 19 - 27/08/2013 21:51:17    1469746


although s oneill didn't play the league final this year really tyrone would need to be making the leauge play offs with s oneill and c gormley being held in reserve thats if they stay on. give us a better idea of how the squad is developing.

at_it_allDay (Tyrone) - Posts: 55 - 28/08/2013 09:21:28    1469782


From the body language on Sunday I would say that Conor Gormley will retire and McConnell and O'Neill will probably follow suit. Now if he had two fit McMahons and if Coney could step up then I think we would start with a reasonable deck

Ger from Omagh (Tyrone) - Posts: 109 - 28/08/2013 12:49:29    1470032


It was an ok year although in the end we still got a beating in Croke Park just like the previous years.

I think we play too negative with not enough focus on Attack, we only scored two goals in the entire championship campaign and thats not going to win you anything.

There needs to be a change in game plan, we need new tactics along with more powerful and younger men

SpudsandButter (Tyrone) - Posts: 40 - 29/08/2013 08:39:50    1470632


Considering there will be more retirements it is hard to see anything better than a staying up in division one and reaching the last eight of the championship for 2014. One has to hope Coney, O'Neill, McCurry, McAliskey, Donnelly, McNabb, Clarke, Morgan all get good runs in the team and that they come through for the years ahead.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1589 - 29/08/2013 10:08:59    1470693


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Considering there will be more retirements it is hard to see anything better than a staying up in division one and reaching the last eight of the championship for 2014.


I think that is very pessimistic. If you look at the lads who may retire, Gormley would be a loss, but it is hard to argue that Pascal, Carlin or SON would be irreplaceable (based on their form this summer). Penrose had a reasonable championship, but there are like-for-like replacements there.

Of the others, Joe McMahon probably has 1-2 years left, while Sean Cavanagh won't retire. Justin McMahon hasn't been fit in 3 years and may consider calling it a day, but he wouldn't be a loss from this year's team as he hasn't played, and if he returned in good shape it would considered be a huge bonus.

We have a few regulars who are in the mid 20s, and should be at least as good again next year: Colm Cavanagh, Cathal McCarron, Aidan Cassidy, Ciaran McGinley. Mark Donnelly is a bit older, but still in very good shape,

Then you look at the lads who are currently 23 or under, as they are all players who should continue to get stronger and better: Peter Harte, Mattie Donnelly, Kyle Coney, Ronan McNabb, Ryan McKenna, Niall Morgan, Connor McAliskey, Darren McCurry, Conor Clarke. Added to those, you have half a dozen others who have now had a year on the panel, and one or two of them should make the leap forward.

What I'm saying is that most of Tyrone's players should improve next year, and very few will be on the downward slope. The likes of McGinley, McAliskey, McKenna and Coney all have the frames on which to add 5-8lbs of muscle, and they wouid all be much better players for that. Training and conditioning over the autumn/winter is crucial, but I'd be more optimistic going into this off-season than I was going into last year's.

Thomas Clarke (Tyrone) - Posts: 977 - 29/08/2013 12:33:31    1470797


From watching tyrone this year i think the main issues that need to be addressed is midfield and half forward line that play as forwards.
Depending on whether stephen o'neill retires or not full forward line may need more options inside.

Players i would like to see called up in 2014:
Thomas Canavan (Errigal)
Shea McGuigan (Ardboe)
Niall McKenna (Donaghmore)
Liam Gervin/Ciaran Gervin (Derrylaughan)
Shane Mulgrew (Donaghmore)
Eoin McCusker (Dromore)
John McCullagh (Greencastle)
Richard Donnelly (Trillick)
Stephen McNulty (Clonoe)
Kevin Mossey (Gortin)

Players on the panel i would like to see given opportunities in the league and mckenna to build form and confidence and show what they can do for the championship:
Conan Grugan (Omagh)
Plunkett Kane (Coalisland)
Kyle Coney (Ardboe)
Ronan O'Neill (Omagh)
Ronan McNabb (Dromore)
Ronan McNammee (Aghyarn)

Statistics (Tyrone) - Posts: 1 - 30/08/2013 15:41:08    1471524