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What age is young burns great player how long before he is on the senior team

redbomb (Tyrone) - Posts: 162 - 22/09/2013 19:23:07    1486857


I was at the game and in my opinion what cost them the match was the fact that they ditched the extra defender.
When Tyrone went man to man in the second half some of their defensive weaknesses were shown up...Burns was attacking a lot more in the second half and when he was not in the back line as extra security we looked very vulnerable. To say that Tyrone ditched the sweeper when we were 7-8 points down is just not true.
This group of players gave everything they had and they should be commended for doing so, they went a lot further than anyone could have predicted at the start of the year.
This notion that the sweeper system is the devil is silly...when I was playing a lot of teams played with a third midfielder, much the same idea, but nobody gave out about it. You play whatever system suits the group of players best...

PastThePost (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 23/09/2013 09:27:49    1487059


Past the Post
You play whatever system suits the group of players best...
To me this is the point, we are not doing that. Tyrone teams are playing with a sweeper irrespective of who is in the team. We now have lots of forwards so we should use that to our advantage and put other teams on the back foot.

tyroneed (Tyrone) - Posts: 689 - 23/09/2013 20:37:31    1487840


Tyroneed - so if you agree that our forwards are the stronger part of our team then how do you think the team should be set up? Surely nobody is naive enough to think you can play all out attacking football with no regard for defence at county level...? That would be folly and disrespectful of the opposition...and when you don't respect the opposition there's usually only ever one result.

PastThePost (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 23/09/2013 21:15:31    1487886


PastThePost - I'm not saying to play with no defenders. I'm saying to play with 6 of them. Just not 7. Sacrificing a player from attack/midfield to defence means that we are down a player up the field. If a teams kicks long 50/50 balls into their full forward line all the time like Kerry in the 2008 Final then an extra big man in the full back line makes sense. But few teams will actually do that repeatedly.

tyroneed (Tyrone) - Posts: 689 - 24/09/2013 20:51:22    1488812


My point is with this group of players the decision to play with a sweeper was the correct one.
Reaching an AI final and being under dogs in every game would probably justify it...

PastThePost (Tyrone) - Posts: 187 - 24/09/2013 22:04:30    1488911