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Not sure I'll have a ticket for the final..was talking to one of me mates and he was at the Tyrone Kerry final 08,.. he says they let people in to see the cup who didnt have tickets,just wondering were any of ye let in...or is me mate talking bull.

murphy89 (Mayo) - Posts: 128 - 06/09/2012 21:15:49    1261182


You're definitely a good sportsman when you want to hang around to see Donegal lift Sam

GrizzlyAdams (Tyrone) - Posts: 576 - 07/09/2012 12:54:49    1261519


yeah a few mates of mine ended up in the pub that day as they didn't have tickets, but they were allowed in at the end to see the cup bein lited!.. dunno if it happens every year tho

tyroneled (Tyrone) - Posts: 69 - 08/09/2012 17:03:45    1262133


you'll have no trouble getting in once the gates open to let the losing fans out its open season not enough stewards to man gates as they will be called to deal with pitch invasions .....

fortyfive (Tyrone) - Posts: 5929 - 08/09/2012 18:30:34    1262183