Urney St. Columba's - Club Notes

March 24, 2020

Unfortunately there is only the one topic for our notes again this week

COVID 19 - Urney St. Columba's Support

Urney St. Columba's are aware of the potential hardship that COVID-19 and the resulting isolation may bring to many vulnerable and elderly members of our club and community.

We intend to set up a facility whereby people can call on us if they require assistance acquiring food or other necessities such as medical prescriptions.

There may be people living outside the area that are concerned for people within the locality, we will do our best to check on their family and loved ones.

Our volunteers will do all we can to make sure that no one in the area is left isolated during the next few unprecedented weeks.

If you need us or if you can assist us with this facility please private message the clubs page or telephone

Nicola McLaughlin 07713 255842

Steven Mayse 07753 611499

Ali Logue 07597 532603

Veronica McMenamin 07546 272905

Melanie Sweeney 00353 879152857


We are also asking that everyone adheres to the social distance guidelines and keep an eye on key legislation issued by the governments as this can change daily.

As a club we can all pull together during this difficult period.

Please share this information with anyone you think will benefit from it.

Stay safe everyone.

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