Tyrrell on Tipp: 'They hadn't the balls to really go at us'

September 07, 2017

Kilkenny great Jackie Tyrrell says he always felt that Tipperary "were scared" to beat them.

The two counties enjoyed an epic rivalry during Tyrrell's inter-county career, contesting no fewer than five All-Ireland finals between 2009 and 2016.

Writing in his new book 'The Warrior's Code', the nine-time All-Ireland winner says that while Tipp had some tough battlers he also feels that their forwards didn't want to "physically engage" them.

"In fairness to Tipp, they had some fair warriors, guys we did respect. Paul Curran was at the top of that list. Conor O'Mahony was a hardy boyo. Padraic Maher was a real leader for them, someone we always felt we had to stop to take Tipp's energy away from them.

"Padraic Maher would always stand up to you physically. So would 'Bonner' and Eoin Kelly but few others would.

"Their fluid attacking game was designed so they didn't have to physically engage us up front but we contrived a different picture of it in our minds.

"We viewed all this moving and switching as a means of disguising that they couldn't take us on, that they hadn't the balls to really go at us. It always felt like they were scared to beat us."

On the Cats qualifier win over Tipp four years ago, he added: "If that Tipperary team were any good they would have beaten us in 2013. We were on the floor at the time."

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