English sticking with the Tribesmen

September 03, 2017

Waterford's Maurice Shanahan with Conor Cooney and David Burke of Galway.
©INPHO/Mike Shaughnessy.

Nicky English's money is on Galway to bridge a 29 year gap and bring Liam MacCarthy back across the Shannon.

However, the Tipperary legend is not as confident he once was about the Tribesmen's chances following their semi-final display against his native county...

"I have backed Galway all year, particularly since the league final when they were really impressive, but doubts have crept in over the last few weeks - not enough to change my mind but enough to make me less certain than I was," he writes in The Irish Times.

"It was understandable that getting over Tipperary in the semi-final would be a big issue for them and they were going to be favourites, but the level of anxiety they displayed frightened me.

"If they can revert to the assured, relaxed style that has been a feature of their play up until August, the Tipperary match can be put down to the knowledge or assumption that the semi-final was going to be their ultimate challenge of the championship.

"It was - so far. They didn't deal well with being favourites, and by the end they were back to being a Joe Show, which was another reason to leave me a bit spooked. I imagine Darragh Fives, who is in serious form, will pick up Canning and man-mark him for 70 minutes."

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