Tipp attack tuned in, says DJ

April 18, 2017

DJ Carey was highly impressed by Tipperary's attack as they put Wexford to the sword on Sunday.

Watching the Premier County hit the Model men for 5-18 and eased through to the national hurling league final, Carey enjoyed their creativity in front of the posts:

"You have to look at the quality of the last two goals they got," the Kilkenny legend writes in The Irish Daily Mirror. "They didn't happen by accident and just because they came towards the end of the game doesn't mean that they weren't warranted.

"Those two goals spoke of a set of players that know each other inside-out. John O'Dwyer could have shot for a point but he knew a goal was on and played a brilliant pass to Noel McGrath.

"It was perfectly weighted, knowing the sort of ball he'd want in that situation, coming in behind his man, allowing him to catch it and bury it. That's the sort of thing you get with two club players who have grown up playing together, yet O'Dwyer and McGrath aren't clubmates.

"It was similar with Brendan Maher's goal. An easy point was eschewed in another instance of incredibly unselfish team play. Tipperary are out on their own when it comes to that level of team play. Even Kilkenny are way off it at the moment."

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