Tipp's telepathy telling - Kelly

April 18, 2017

2010 All-Ireland winning captain Eoin Kelly sees a telepathic understanding in Tipperary's attack.

With ten goals in his last nine outings - including a brace against Wexford in Sunday's league semi-final - John McGrath is one of the main beneficiaries of the uncanny understanding that's developed in the Premier County's slick attacking unit:

"John passed a comment in his post-match interview that he knew he was getting the pass from Dan McCormack, but he is that kind of player," Kelly comments in The Irish Independent.

"He knew he was getting the pass; these players know if they're in a better position, John will give them the ball. He gives that pass when it's on himself.

"Unselfish players sometimes seem to get it back in abundance too when they're in themselves for a scoring opportunity. It's telepathic between himself, Noel [McGrath] and the rest of the forwards.

"They're really playing as a unit. Once you have that, once you're making these runs and these off the shoulder moves and you get the ball, it's really the team that prospers. John is one of the players who has brought that to the team."

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