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Haven't posted here for a while cos I was always unhappy with co board getting an outside manager to do what loads of inside fellas could do. We don't have the money to spend on lads from kildare travelling to sligo to train a mediocre team.
If I continued to post I might be called negative as we reached a connaught final and of course the last 12 in the country courtesy of beating a poor roscommon team.
The fact that we don't have the players at the moment was illustrated by the hammerings from mayo and Tyrone. We will do well to remain in div 3 next year.
After the beating in the connaught final it beggars belief that only one change was made for Tyrone. If I was a panel member I would think twice before committing to play for sligo next year
The one lad that was dropped was unlucky as there were at least 6 others worse than him
So do you think that l am happy That carew is there for another 2 years, figure that out yourselves

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 635 - 14/08/2015 12:54:18    1770085


Carew learned his trade from the clueless McGeeney. He is so tactically inept that it isn't funny. Eamonn O Hara has it bang on in the champion. He hung a good young lad out to dry by dropping him for the Tyrone game and then introduced him at midfield despite playing him fullback all year. The incredible decision to leave the same lad isolated on Aidan O Shea is just that, incredible. Donegal double and triple marked O Shea and he still did huge damage.
That been said the legends in the county board obviously know something I don't by rewarding this with a contract extension and will no doubt cancel more games next year to facilitate a whim of Carew to play a challenge game. Sligo is in a mess and I can only hope the clubs get the finger out and vote in a new County Board before the whole thing goes down the drain.

benbulbenhead (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 14/08/2015 15:08:14    1770247


Granted he was very naive to think we could beat mayo man to man. That was laughable and a major embarrassment, Game was over after 10 minutes and unless we put 15 men behind ball a hammering was on the cards. But at the end of the day we were convincingly beat by two division one teams who are both in the all Ireland semi finals. Try and look past the mayo game because we are no where near that level. To give him credit he has unearthed a style of play that suits us to play against teams at our level, division 3. Freshened up the team, unearthed new players and has gotten the best out of Murphy. We where also the top scoring team throughout the league. Think yer being very cynicala to the man. Next year will tell more I think

ih8towniecints (Sligo) - Posts: 42 - 14/08/2015 21:57:17    1770472


Agree 100% - Our number one objective would be to get out of Div 3. One thing I would like to say on the county management is please get to the club championship games as they are players good enough out there to make that squad and in fairness a few players in the current setup that it is time to let go. Might sound harsh but no point in having players there for the sake of what they have done in the past, I am not going to name anyone as they have been good players for us in the past.

RealSouthSligo (Sligo) - Posts: 77 - 28/08/2015 13:34:51    1777478


no sign once again of county management at any game this weekend, seen under 21 manager at Clonacool which is good to see. Senior management need to start attending games.

RealSouthSligo (Sligo) - Posts: 77 - 31/08/2015 16:09:44    1779138


Sligo senior selector was in ransboro as coolera beat Marys. You wouldn't expect Marys to have lost 2 games in their group.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 635 - 03/09/2015 11:53:06    1781134


why would you be surprised about St Mary's losing championship games?? They are an overrated team, like last year who did beat to make the final? Drumcliffe and st johns. hardly world beaters! and their league form this year doesnt suggest huge improvement either.

GAA_Obsessive85 (Sligo) - Posts: 87 - 03/09/2015 14:10:05    1781306


Well if you look at the talent at their disposal you would expect they should be knocking on the door. Their manager won a connaught title with sligo. They have imported a few players from other counties like they always do and then you have the 2 brehonys. Martyn, davey and coen if he is in the humour and it's not raining etc etc. I still reckon they will be in the shake up with

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 635 - 03/09/2015 17:49:29    1781559