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Well Done to the County Board

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I would like to put it on record to congratulate the county board for finally putting up club fixtures yesterday. Some of you less enlightened people may actually think this can be done in a matter of hours by a competent official but that is only showing your ignorance. This task of setting times and dates requires at least 8 weeks of thought. You need to give due consideration to the clubs that you want to give preferential treatment to, you need to be sure that the hardworking officials clubs are certainly looked after. You also need to make sure that the clubs that the hardworking officials don't want to do well get fixtures at inconvenient times. This is vital for the morale of the officials.

So please raise a virtual glass of champagne to the county board, tremendous work lads!!

benbulbenhead (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 13/08/2015 12:27:35    1769372


Last group games the 26th of September. That is absolutely ridiculous! 1 week between the senior final and connaucht match, so all well and good if a team like tuber or tstrane win it they've been there before so they might want another crack at connaucht. But if anyone In their right mind thinks if St.Marys wins it or a surprise winner like coolaney who are going well will not celebrate for a good portion if not all that week well then you are very foolish! County board well done! Only took ye till mid august to release a fixture list which proves how little ye really care/know about club football

grassroots14 (Sligo) - Posts: 92 - 13/08/2015 14:06:27    1769447


a competition that only has 12 teams competing in it takes 4-5 months to complete. Whoever gets and wins Sam McGuire will have their county champions before us. And then to just throw in a round of league games in the middle of it all, crazy stuff..

GAA_Obsessive85 (Sligo) - Posts: 87 - 13/08/2015 16:23:00    1769566


There is a week break after County final to Connacht Club Grassroots

No word on when League finals to be played, presume after championship is over. Whole thing is a mess

Clubs playing league games before they play any winter league game, Benson Cup not decided till April

League games being played during championship, takes the sting out of teams getting a run together

Surely the league can be finished before championship starts?

muscles (Sligo) - Posts: 332 - 14/08/2015 11:50:32    1770007


I wrote a comment on the other thread echoing what had been said. This complete disrespect from the county board towards our club players cannot continue. Has anyone any suggestions on how we can prevent this shambles from happening again. Only playing the quarter finals in October, which should be CF weekend is a disgrace. Clubs should boycott the championship. End of.

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 253 - 15/08/2015 19:42:18    1770749


My idea of a solution to this is as follows:-

1) scrap the warm up competition and begin the league at the end of February with a view to playing the league final in July during the crazy long break they seem to be fully committed to having between championship games. I personally see no value in the warm up competition...clubs can organise early season cahllenges instead.

2) Have a rule that county players MUST be allowed play with their clubs if they have no championship game for two weeks and county league game for 1 week. This idea of cancelling club games for county challenge matches is ridiculous. If county players have to play 2 games in a weekend so be it, they should be fit enough.

3) Have a championship format where if you win 6 games you win the championship. Making our championship more like a league totally detracts form the whole spirit and ethos of championship.

These changes seem sensible to me but sure what do I know. I'm only a club player whose opinion doesnt really matter.

Exemption (Sligo) - Posts: 37 - 17/08/2015 10:11:06    1771219


I think we should build on the excellent intermediate championship model. One group of 11 teams, everyone plays each other and the top 10 teams go into the quarter finals. The 11th team plays themselves 3 times to see who gets relegated.

Furthermore, there will be no media coverage in local papers or radio, its a big secret and best not to promote our games for fear some kids might want to play it and spoil it for everyone else.

The winner of the championship will not enter the provincial finals as the county championship final will be played on Christmas day, therefore the county board will pick a representative to play in the province and this team shall be the team with the most pull in the county board. This is the future lads, embrace it.

benbulbenhead (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 17/08/2015 13:39:05    1771388


"So please raise a virtual glass of champagne to the county board, tremendous work lads!!"
You must be joking???

After all the delays and "hard work", they have still managed to create a fixture list which results in Senior Championship games in both Hurling and Football being played on the same day. How can it be deemed reasonable to expect players to play 2 Senior Championship games in the same day?

abc_123 (Sligo) - Posts: 6 - 18/08/2015 08:04:44    1771733


You could not even imagine it ???????????????? Tourlestrane are down to play Senior HURLING championship at 1pm and Senior FOOTBALL Championship at 6pm on the same day. How are dual players expected to figure this one out ?????????????????

Tommy Murphy (Sligo) - Posts: 176 - 18/08/2015 09:14:58    1771786


I must be joking. Christ how could you think any thing else.

benbulbenhead (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 18/08/2015 12:50:30    1771980


Poor old CCC are getting some roasting, you might not agree with everything EOH says but he made some good points in his last article.

RealSouthSligo (Sligo) - Posts: 77 - 28/08/2015 13:36:21    1777479


everything EO'H said was 100% fact, so true..

GAA_Obsessive85 (Sligo) - Posts: 87 - 28/08/2015 16:35:04    1777589


Another tremendous job by the county PRO by providing a grand total of Zero scores from today's intermediate games. Meanwhile in other counties that have non idiots running them I know the latest scores of every junior B game.

benbulbenhead (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 05/09/2015 19:39:53    1782971


So does anyone know who pilots the Co Board twitter account? It is so crap it isnt funny. No regular updates from any match this weekend bar a retweet of a few clubs tweets. Very very poor show. Surely to god there is someone in the county that can do a better job than this to promote the game?

benbulbenhead (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 07/09/2015 16:19:28    1784127


Lads and lassies

For all you keyboard warriors out there.

This Thursday is the day for your clubs to have their (yours!) motions into the co board. Just letting ye know.

overinthewest (Sligo) - Posts: 119 - 17/11/2015 10:55:44    1807841


The deadline was actually yesterday evening at 5

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 625 - 19/11/2015 15:40:03    1808504