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here here harps. Couldn't agree more. Impossible to mark on his day at any level, he epitomizes that st marys team. No one could begrudge him winning the overall award although in regards the sligo/neil carew situation from what i heard of the incident you can't have players having heated arguments on side lines and again in the dressing room in front of the whole team and expect to go unpunished. I'd say Carew may have been told of his previous antics and just taught this lad is a bad egg. I hope they can come to some agreement to get him back, If i was Carew i would swallow my pride and drive straight to kevinsfort and beg him to come back. we need every good player we have!!!

grassroots14 (Sligo) - Posts: 92 - 03/12/2015 14:30:10    1811242


No one doubts the ability of Stephen coen. You will get away with stuff in the club which won't be tolerated at County. He Has got loads of chances with different management but they have all finished the same way. Carew was correct to drop him as were the managers before him

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 625 - 04/12/2015 09:24:31    1811347


I think thats an unfair judgement eoinog. You're just going along with the crowd believing this tarnished image the lad has, there have been arguments before between players and management which haven't been dealt with so severely. Was one time he was dropped not to do with something outside of football? I taught that was unfair to drop him because of something outside gaa matters? Also people grow up, we make mistakes, i'm sure watching against the rossies last year and getting to the CF hurt him and given the chance he would apologize and move forward. I only say all this because we desperately need every decent player we have and he's as good as we have when he wants to be IMO.

grassroots14 (Sligo) - Posts: 92 - 04/12/2015 14:28:15    1811431


All stars certainly threw up a few surprises.
No way did Marys deserve 8 and I would have felt the player of the year should have been Johnny davey.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 625 - 09/12/2015 09:29:32    1812207