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Changing Squad for 2013

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Congrats to Philip Greene on his retirement after many years of service to the Sligo cause. Sorry to see no Johnny Davey for 2013-big loss. And no Alan Costello either................quite a few changes for the coming season.

Congrats also to Padraic Joyce who's hanging up his boots on the Tribesmen.

YeatsWoman (Sligo) - Posts: 47 - 29/11/2012 13:40:21    1304317


well done Padraig Joyce a big miss for Galway and the GAA as a whole, a great player for many many seasons a fantastic example for future players and a true gentleman aswell.
Who are the new players in the squad?

moleman17 (Sligo) - Posts: 64 - 29/11/2012 14:24:19    1304355


Heard Brian Egan and Adrian McIntyre are in the training squad. Great additions and great tourlestrane men! I didn't hear of anyone else really

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 256 - 29/11/2012 15:34:37    1304420


Let's hope he's "as good" as his brother!!

allSOran (Sligo) - Posts: 690 - 30/11/2012 21:23:21    1305066


yes there are quiet a number of people in who have never been in before. The panel will probably be cut before the FBD which is a pity as they should try as many as possible in actual games. With mcgovern and kelly also go through injury the NFL will have a much different look than previous years.

TimtheEnchanter (Sligo) - Posts: 309 - 03/12/2012 10:50:52    1305643