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The struggles of Sligo hurling

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I was at Sligo's last two home games against Louth and Fingal respctively! They had a well deserved draw against Louth but they were very poor against Fingal !! I dont know how they managed to lose against a bad Donegal side and get such big defeats against Monaghan and Tyrone!! What i witnessed against Fingal was worrying because the management on the line and then the manager decides to play in goals leaving the Calry keeper who made terrific stops in the county semi final and final last year on the bench . Also I know there missing a number of players due to immigration like Cooleras Ciaran brennan for example. Hopefully they will beat Donegal in the relegation final because they are above that standard ! Anyone else have any other opinions??

exgaahurler (Sligo) - Posts: 1 - 03/04/2012 13:47:54    1142755