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Will Sligo equal or better last year?

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Trying to search the crystal ball to weigh up the upcoming championship campaign,
Reasons to be positive:
1- Galway in disaray... I was speaking to senior member of panel who says atmosphere in camp is not far off Fermanagh problems, only Mayo playing consistently in League.
2- A couple of decent talents emerged in the league, more strength in depth particularly defensively.
3- Easier side of draw.

Reasons to be negative:
1- Still overreliant on Brehony and O' Hara in big games
2- No real focal point in attack.
3- Sideline slow to make changes during league games.
Any thoughts....we will do well to make the Connacht final again.

TheStigmeister (Sligo) - Posts: 84 - 05/04/2011 21:31:37    904645


There is no easier side of the draw for Sligo, we're no world beaters and have to give everything in every game to get a result no matter who we play.

The only way we can improve on last year is to win Connacht, even though the league has been poor from a Sligo point of view maybe the tougher competition, div 2 will stand to Sligo in the Championship.

allSOran (Sligo) - Posts: 690 - 08/04/2011 11:17:14    906657


What has gone wrong in Sligo in the last 9 months. They defeated the two then giants of Connaught football last season and nearly defeated Kerry the summer before. After going into the Connaught final under the weight of expectation they crumbled. It has been downhill since. It would be a shame if they went back to D4. Hopefully they will stabilise in D3 next season and take it from there.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2772 - 15/04/2011 10:54:12    912061


I think Sligo will equal last year e.g another Connacht final defeat.

ispeakwisdom (Roscommon) - Posts: 2350 - 25/04/2011 15:57:01    918068


Sligo may indeed get to another connacht final, but i agree with the panel on league sunday last night, i think after roscommons performance on saturday, coped the pressure of being connacht champions, along with the long travel time to New York, could go against them, and i believe new york will beat them

john.no1 (Sligo) - Posts: 456 - 25/04/2011 17:03:14    918103


Well thats what happens when your mind is else where NewYork game. I think Roscommon are wary of NewYork game after Galway last year. Someone will get turned over out there soon just hope it not us. Whats the story if the unthinkable should happen where would Sligo or Leitrim play Newyork? Still think we will win.

1rossiejim (Roscommon) - Posts: 80 - 25/04/2011 17:53:03    918132


A good chance to reach a Connaught final. Do not think that roscommon are up to much this year based on their performance last sunday.

Jack L (None) - Posts: 2772 - 26/04/2011 11:03:49    918428


Dont be talking rubbish, You cannot judge a team from the league when it comes to championship! Last year Sligo bet Roscommon in the League by almost 20 points id say! Then in the Connacht Final Roscommon absolutly blew sligo out of it in the first half and for 15 minutes of the second half! They had a total different mentality on the pitch from the league to the championship! I would expect the same from then this year! Roscommon never go down without a fight! Sligo will have to be playing to the best of their ability from start to finish in every game! No room for complaceny against Leitrim or Roscommon because of their league form! If league form does tell, then Sligo aren't in any great shape either like!

tumtackeater (Sligo) - Posts: 51 - 28/04/2011 14:23:44    919820


Ah now the league defeat to Sligo last year was bad but not that bad! ye won by 7pts & we were missing 6/7 players that day, this time round we played a full team v Longford & got whopped.

Remains to be seen can we recover from that defeat?

ispeakwisdom (Roscommon) - Posts: 2350 - 28/04/2011 18:17:01    920040


The league is the league, Roscommon were relegated to division 4 last year and then won Connacht. League means nothing. Mayo will be the team to beat this year in Connacht. Should be a cracker when Roscommon v Sligo in June, if of course they beat Leitrim.

Rossman1 (Roscommon) - Posts: 25 - 30/04/2011 19:22:25    921134