Meath - Meath v Fermanagh

Replying To LeitrimRoyal99:  "He wasn't fouled and then as his man went for the ball he pulled him back. Possibility slightly harsh but not as bad as their black"
Ok maybe it was for a foul rather that talking to the ref . But Haran was fouled and everyone around me wass aying the same thing I was that's why he lost it.

bobkarlgees (Meath) - Posts:709 - 27/03/2017 20:43:29   1972022


Replying To oldsam_newsam:  "And I was very pleasently surprised with a fantastic second half contribution from Sean Tobin."
Oldsam-Newsam Yes i thought Tobin's point at the hospital end was the score of the match......Deserves start the next day,and also James Mc Entee.nice position to have forwards competing for starting places

nobull456 (Meath) - Posts:641 - 28/03/2017 21:34:39   1972544