Meath - Meath Hurling 2017

It will be intersting to see the teams the two managers put out on Sunday in Ratoath !!!!!
Id guess that Wicklow will come strong

gardentree (Meath) - Posts:14 - 22/03/2017 14:45:49   1969994


Replying To gardentree:  "It will be intersting to see the teams the two managers put out on Sunday in Ratoath !!!!!
Id guess that Wicklow will come strong"
I'd doubt that. Think both managers will give fringe players some game time. An opertunity to give lads a run and a chance to stake a claim for a place in the team without showing your hand too much.

Royalace (Meath) - Posts:59 - 22/03/2017 17:17:25   1970060


I think we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves thinking Meath and Wicklow are mad for the mind games and trying to bluff the other team. Every Meath player has grown up playing Mayo/Wicklow/Kildare/Carlow etc. in underage competitions and have played them over and over again every year in the Kehoe/Walsh cup, the league and the Christy Ring. Meath know who Wicklow's strong players are and vice versa.

If Meath throw out a scratch team in the last round it's not going to make Wicklow think they're suddenly big time charlies who'll walk the final. They'll notice if Gannon, Keoghan, Healy etc. aren't playing and will factor that in.

CastleBravo (Meath) - Posts:1007 - 22/03/2017 18:22:40   1970086


I dont think either manager wil be lookin to do mind games. both of Them will be giving there fringe players a run and see how they get on. No mind games no foolin anyone just a good time to give players a shot.

hurlingnut (Wicklow) - Posts:45 - 22/03/2017 22:45:17   1970207


Game in Ratoath, its a wet pitch at the b est of times, if this weather keeps up it will be unplayable, what then ?

gardentree (Meath) - Posts:14 - 23/03/2017 08:15:56   1970260


Replying To Irish_downunder:  "Even if meath lost they would still be favourites for the final. Meath will be giving a run out to a lot of the squad players"
Regardless of this Sunday's game I don't think Meath will be complacent going into the final against them. As the poster above has said we've seen enough of Wicklow over the years to know they can be a serious threat on the day. They might not have shown that in the last few outings against them but that was partly due to their own internal problems, make no mistake the threat is always there and Meath management will know this.

Wedgie (Meath) - Posts:202 - 23/03/2017 08:27:40   1970265