Meath - Meath Hurling 2017

Jack has not been involved for some time, but as meath have a free taker they dont need him,

StickFan (Meath) - Posts:86 - 24/04/2017 10:23:26   1982114


Replying To preddan:  "Is jack regan not on the panel or not committing....seems a big absentee"
he's been off it for a while some sort of controversary over his committment last year or the year before can't remember exactly over what though

srgt_slaughter (Meath) - Posts:446 - 25/04/2017 08:56:05   1982418


On a separate note.

I take it that the current Meath GAA fixtures planner will go out the window if Meath win one more match and come out of the round robin?

It would guarantee Meath a place in Round One of the qualifiers which take place the first week in July, meaning that the first 2 rounds of club hurling and football championships scheduled for May/June would go out the window?

begining (UK) - Posts:225 - 25/04/2017 11:31:16   1982486