Meath - Pairc Tailteann

Replying To CastleBravo:  "If a club has to stump up for the transport, installation, wiring, generator, concrete, planning permission etc. They'd probably just be better off buying a new set of lights and get all the guarantees and extended life involved, rather than an 11 year old set."
They should be raffled off between any interested clubs at this stage. As you said who realistically will buy them and no point leaving them lying unused in Pairc Taliteann

Belt (Meath) - Posts:120 - 05/10/2017 09:53:18   2053207


Replying To Analyst:  "Thet were strong enough for the 4/5 years they were there"
The county board released a statement about them after they were taken down. I must see if I can find it...

BarneysTie (Meath) - Posts:212 - 05/10/2017 17:07:41   2053387