Meath - Once upon a time

Oh its not even entertaining anymore and its nearly a year behind. You'll have to write a few more chapters and in a hurry.

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Royaldunne. My friend it was a year behind when it started almost a year ago. Now that Samhain and the long nights are near I may continue it again.

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Any way Fionnageus said the Devil you know is better than the Devil you don't. Other members of the Knights of the Top Table said this was wrong others agreed with Fionnageus but at times Fionnageus did not agree with himself. He would really like to see a Royal over the team and admitted as such to persons close to him but also while it kinda killed him, He did not want another protracted interview saga and it was a common held view that Meath where changing leaders too often. Fionnageus was annoyed with Liam of Moynalvey at not sticking it out but everyone in the Royal Kingdom knew that Liam could not stick with what was going on.
Seamus of the Puffed Chest was mad keen to stay on.
So around the 10th month of the year of our lord 2011 a meeting was held in Tailteann. Fionnaegus and the Top Table put Seamus of the Puffed Chest, Golden Haired Graham, Marty of the Red Hand and Tom of course for ratification to lead the Royals once again. Some of the tribes where totally against and spoke strongly as while Banty had got a 3 year term reviewed after 2 they argued that once Paul of the Orchard, Liam of Moynalvey and Barry the 2nd Earl of Dunderry where now not part of the setup that this was a different team and had to be put before the tribes again. It was noticed that Emmet Droimbara of near Ceannus Mór was absent from a lot of these meetings. The disagreements raged and Fionaegus stood firm a lot of Gaels could not understand was Fionnaegus was so much for the outsider but some said the contract was signed and could not be changed and that The Royals had to stick with Seamus of the Puffed Chest for at least another year.
Some tribes looked for a vote but not vote was allowed and Seamus of the Puffed Chest was in again. Seamus decided that another Royal was needed to help the cause and the much respected Trevor from the Hill of Tara was enlisted as a kind of medicine man who would treat the warriors should their limbs have aches or should they get knocks in battle. This was seen as a peace offering and a little more Royal presence around the place might have a calming effect on those who wanted this regime out. ...... Fionaegus went back to his hamlet near the Lough of Gorman but sleep did not come easy.... Seamus of the Puffed Chest had a fine party in Corduff and Wine and Ale flowed freely but no Mead was offered to the guests who where all men of Farney and be continued.......

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Anyway Seamus of the Puffed Chest made a mess of the year 2012, the Royals got some damndable bateing in the Spring Tournaments and ended with Peter the Fitz with his Blue Shirt billowing in the wind under his Red Tunic with its St Bridigs cross on it giving them a unmercyful hiding in the fortess of Tailteann which now had dientagrated into an unholy mess and the Royals were banished to Tier 111. No saviour arond to save them this time.

The year continued to go from bad to worse and while they pipped The Garden County down in Carlow and there was a bit of crack about after that as Fiach and his mates held a Hooley it was onto the the big fort of OConnor in Tallagh More to play the Carlow boys, Fiach was having some crack at this stage as Carlow got a draw as Banty and his team where tricking around out in Durrow and nearly missed the start of the Tournament.

The 2nd jolst with Carla missing a few warriors was a handy win and Banty talked the usual talk but very few listened. Some did sit up when the Royals whipped the Lilly's in Dubh Linn and Kieran the Greezer was finally beaten. Hope was high in the Leinster Final but The Dubs ran in a few goals and despite a late comeback The Royals where beat and The OMoores handed another good hiding in the Quailifers as Seamus of the Puufed Chest was seen running across the arena with a Maor Uisce bib taken from Tom.

The show and it was some show was over and Seamus of the Puffed Chest said he would think about it for 5 days and maybe 5 nights but most Royals prayed the 5 Decades of the Rosary that he would Feck off back to Farney and God be good to him thats exactly was Seamus of the Puffed Chest and is whole enterage did.................... Oh .............TBC

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Fionnaengus was in the last year of his reign and he was really a true Meath man who loved Meath Football with all his heart and soul. He knew the picking of Seamus of the Puffed Chest was a total disaster but was kinda caught up in it and his hand was sorta forced by the selection committee each of those 4 went for Seamus and Fionnaengus had little option but to accept it and it was a hard lesson for all in Royal Football. It can safely be said that never again will an outsider be allowed manage the Royal Warriors and what was done was done and cannot be changed now as the Royals can only curse and curse loudly the appointing of Seamus of the Puffed Chest.
New names where sought and Fionnaengus picked his selection committee more carefully this time and when the names appeared the Royal Followers studied the list carefully. It contained
Graham of the Golden hair tainted by his involvement with Banty but had the Kerry man with the Welsh name as his lieutenant. Colm from the Hill of Tara but really from west of the Shannon, There was also talk of Eamon the Unlucky coming back and another man of Walter called Cooney and a name no one noticed was Mick from Skryne. TBC

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So the Knights of the Round Table all gathered in the ram shacked fort of Tailteann, round the back in a place known as Aras Tailteann but every knew it as Aras Barney to decide what was the next step now that Seamus of the Puffed Chest had gone back to Farney. As the rain dripped down their backs from the many leaks in this new place in the Old Fort the Knight's were not on for hanging about.

Fionnaengus who many blamed for keeping Banty was in the last year of his long reign and was determined to get a Meath man back in the Harness as he too now realised that an Outsider was a no go area.

The tribes and Clann's of the Royal County had put 3 names in front of the Knights, Golden Haired Graham, Colm of Skyrne but now Simonstown and more of St Pats and the Sunday Indo and the Sunday Game and a fella called Mick who nobody really knew.

The Clanns people were excited, Golden Haired Graham was a great favourite although tainted by his contact with Banty, The Royals loved him he had under Sean The Wizard led the Royals to win a Celtic Cross and was a fine Warrior of great speed and talent. He had with him a man from Munster with a Welsh name and while this man had also helped Banty the Royal Folk had time for him and many accredited the win over the Lilly White Knights of the Short Grass County to this Kerryman from Wales which was a funny mix anyway. But there was something that Fionnaegus was wary of.

Colm of Skyrne, Simonstowns, Pats, The Indo, The Sunday Game and of course Leitrim "God Help Us", was another from Sean the Wizards time and he too had the respect of the Royals and had fought the good fight for many a long year and had 2 or 3 Celtic Crosses in his pockets. Tru the Indo he had a platform and was often heard speaking from high and had irked Fionnaengus at times.

Mick well was Mick a bit part player now and then for the Royals but never a star, He like Liam of Moynalvey had led the Warriors of Skyrne and the hill of Tara to win the Local Tournaments and indeed had fought in that victory himself. On the plus side he had recruited, Trevor from Skyrne (who although had done medicine man for Banty was not really tainted by the involvement with the Farney man) but also Sean the 3rd Earl of Dunderry who had reawakened the men of Cill Dheaglain on the Dublin border to run the Pierse O'Mahonys close in the Semi Final of the Local Tournament in the year 2012 and but for a few dodgy decisions from the Field Marshall may have whopped them.

Also Colm the Bray from the Town of Simon who was another Royal warrior who had fought gallantly until injury stopped his run and he had studied some of the new ideas that Marty of the Red Hand was supposed to know all about. Colm had a few ideas himself as to how the great forearms and strong limbs could be brought back to the Meathmen (Banty had talked about this a lot but once he was in the job he seemed to forget all about this) as he did about a lot of things................TBC

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you have to continue this chronicle....fantastic read for any devote royal

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Yesterday was the 418th anniversary of the death of Fiach McHugh OByrne, scourge of Tudor England and of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. Born 1534 Died 8th May 1597. His best victory was at the Battle of Glenmalure

In 1580, Grey led his army westward through the Pale, ignoring certain veterans who implored him to delay the campaign. He planned to enter Glenmalure from the neighbouring Glen of Imaal and attack O'Byrne's stronghold; the enemy was expected to be flushed from its fastness, whereupon the English cavalry would ride them down in their flight. O'Byrne had remained in the Liffey valley with Baltinglas, but at the approach of the crown army he withdrew into Glenmalure.

Grey altered his course and travelled several miles south, where he was joined by Kildare, before heading east in a loop and making an arduous ascent into the mountains. After a row amongst his chief officers, Grey sent out an expedition of half his force in royal livery with their colours aloft.

The rebel lookout on the peak of Lugnaquilla sounded the alarm, and Grey ordered his men to descend into the glen with a drum roll. O'Byrne had concealed his men in the craggy terrain, and the English troops, conspicuous in their red and blue coats and white hose, instantly found themselves sliding along a river course. Decimated by sniping gunfire, they hit bottom fully a mile in depth from the point where the glen was entered. The Irish did not wait: shots were fired from both sides, and the kern descended to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Grey's troops were routed with the loss of hundreds, and much valuable equipment had to be discarded. Grey spurred his cavalry on to check the pursuit and force the rebels back into the glen, but even on the retreat to Dublin the punishment was withering.

In the following spring, when Grey passed through Wicklow, O'Byrne showed his forces on the hills and sent sorties to cut off the straggling plate wagons. He insisted that the terms offered to him include a pardon for Desmond and a guarantee of freedom of conscience. But the glens now became so frequented with crown troops, that he was forced to accept the original terms and, once hostages had been given to the government, he received his pardon.

He is made Famous in the Song "Follow me up to Carlow" and of Course for donating the OByrne Cup to Leinster GAA

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Time moved on and both Seamus of the puffed chest and Fionnaegus have long since gone.

The Royal court had turned to one of their own Micko from Tara in a desperate hope to unearth another Sean the Wizard but failed dramatically and with not a single victory worth recalling other than the winning of the Once Famed O'Byrne Cup which really did not register with the Tribes Micko from Tara's reign descended into a farce with the Jacks from Dubh Linn toying with the Royals in the Great Arena in the Summer of 2016.

This was the last straw for many as tiredness seemed to effect the Royal Battalions in the second half of every Battle. Defeat by the Oak Leafers in picturesque Owen Beg aptly named after the Great Owen Roe O'Neill from the Flight of the Earls seen another Flight occur ......

This one was of Micko from Tara and his entourage as the Royal Hordes beat their Chests from the terraces and roared disaprovement but really at this stage it wasreally only half hearted as all in the Once Great Royal County where brow beaten and like the warriors at this stage seemed to accept defeat as the norm......

The Leaders of the Round Table now changed and the Great Gatherings of the Tribes had moved from the once Great Tailteann Arena to a windswept place called Doon Ganny which many liken this change similiar to the Fall of the Warriors but led by Conor from Cill Dheaglain the Round or maybe Oval Table (as the meeting rooms seemed small and an Oval table fitted better than a Round one) Anyway they acted swiftly for once (probably because any fool knew who was to be the next General) and appointed Andy the Fair Haired One who was by far far and away the peoples and the tribes choice...........To be continued

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You have issues buddy

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noelpconnon (Cavan)-great read. I just hope you were not up all night writing. Happy Christmas and New Year

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Andy the Fair Haired one scoured the County for talented new warriors. He like Banty had talked about wanted to install the Great Forearms, Biceps, Triceps, strong muscely legs and broad Shoulders reminiscent of Royal Teams of bye gone years. He knew what he was taking about and how to put it in place. He was said to be shocked that Micko from Tara had neglected this side of the Warriors make up and had found the Royals in a weakened state in both mind and body as everyone one knows this comes to all army's having suffered deflating defeats time and again....but maybe every new manager says this. Any which way he assembled a good back room team around him and it was rumoured Liam from Moynalvey may have had the ear of the Fair One.............tbc

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