Meath - Meath v Donegal

Replying To meath1977:  "no its not sad at all. it's shows where meath are at. a top twenty team which is not good enough and we meath people are sick of it by now. Andy has one more year left to get his act together or he be out the same gate as o dowd. he may start cutting the panel and adding players with steal, too many not up to it"
Nearly agree. Unfortunately players are simply not there at present. Sean Boylan, Mick ODWYER, Jim McGuinness, Mick Gavin could not turn current crop into AI contenders. Put simply we're 6/8 years behind Dublin and Kildare. Need Dev squad conveyor belt cranking for 5/6yrs to be competitive again. Need best coaches available to us overy in Dunganny and money to develop our players. Look at Kildare. Good Minors for last 3/4yrs so give them another 2/3yrs to start filtering through. Kildare will be a threat to Dublin dominance before Meath. Hopefully yesterday was the start of our recovery. It's a start but need continuous and repeated success at underage to build and fill out a snr panel to be real contenders again. Leave manager as is, he's doing fine with what playing talent is available.

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Replying To royaldunne:  "Think you posted that on wrong thread.
Look mod put Meath football back years. It will take a real manager at least 3 years to sort out the mess."
Ye are useless Rd stop fishing on our threads
Sort out yer own mess.

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