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Replying To latouche25:  "Just a question for everyone, the insurance has been suspended, all facilities are closed. Does this mean that the maintenance has to stop, grass cutting ect. If there's no insurance then you're not covered in case of an accident."
A Chara,

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I have been asked for clarification of a number of issues.

A lot of Clubs asked about upkeep of their premises and grounds. Some also asked about public liability insurance. The reply from Croke Park is below:

Essential maintenance doesn't compromise public safety. And it can't be done at home. So it is fine to carry out those jobs. The same argument applies to collecting the post, turning off the burglar alarm if it goes off, popping in to see everything is ok , any other incidental visit etc etc.

They are not closed as workplaces. So treat them as any other workplace.

Just keep visits to a minimum, only somebody authorised by exec is permitted, should be alone, observe the hse guidance, and so on.

There is no change to insurance either.

Letter sent to clubs earlier this week.

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