Syddan AGM results

January 17, 2019

Syddan manager Miley Byrne


Syddan held their AGM recently. The North Meath club reached the Division FL Division 2 final and also reached the last eight of the IFC. Miley Byrne will continue as Intermediate football manager.

President's - Fr Michael Sheerin, Tommy Duff, Patsy Weldon, Sean Dolan, Paddy Sheehy, Gerry Sheehy.

Chairperson - Robbie Sheehy;

Vice Chairperson - Gerry Dillon;

Secretary - Laura Skelly;

Asst secretary - Kevin Carry;

Treasurer - Jack Carry;

Asst Treasurer - Mary Meade;

PRO - Sean Wall;

Co Board Delegate - Robbie Sheehy;

Insurance Officer - Laura Skelly;

Coaching & Games - Stephen Dillon;

Oifigeach na Gaeilge - Cormac Rowe;

IT Officers - Sean Wall, Kevin Carry;

Safety Officer - Frank Clare;

Healthy Club Officer - Mary Meade;

Children's Officer - Catherine Byrne;

Schools Liaison Officers - Grainne Dillon, Stephen Dillon;

Membership Officer - Paddy Skelly.

Committee - Pat Dillon, Philip Carolan, Paddy Sheehy, Isadora Dowdall, Tom Duff, Jim Myles, Joey Dillon, Grainne Dillon, Deirdre Dardis, Rosaleen Dillon, Patrick Dillon, Shane Dardis, Michael Meade, Robbie Farrelly, Paddy Meade, Aidan Dillon.

Intermediate selectors - Miley Byrne (manager), Paddy Skelly, Martin Cassidy.

Junior selectors - Michael Garland (manager), Gerry Dillon.

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