Club fixtures (updated 22 February)

February 22, 2018

O'Mahonys and Na Fianna meet in round 4 of the Division 1 FL at Paddy O'Brien Park

Friday 23 February

AFL Div 1
Navan O'Mahony's v Na Fianna Friday 23/2/18 20.00pm Paddy O'Brien Park Sean Gahan

BFL Div 1
St Colmcilles v Donaghmore/Ashbourne Friday 23/2/18 20.00pm Piltown Referee TBC

BFL Div 3
Ballinlough v St Peter's Dunboyne Friday 23/2/18 20.00pm Ballinlough Joseph Curran

BFL Div 4
Cortown v Dunsany Friday 23/2/18 20.00pm Cortown Martin Dawson
Moynalty v Dunderry Friday 23/2/18 20.00pm Moynalty Liam Reddy


Saturday 24 February

AFL Div 4
Kilbride v Drumconrath Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Kilbride Referee TBC

BFL Div 1
Wolfe Tones v Ratoath Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Kilberry Referee TBC
Gaeil Colmcille v Summerhill Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Grangegodden Referee TBC
St Peter's Dunboyne v Simonstown Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Dunboyne Referee TBC

BFL Div 2
Seneschalstown v Blackhall Gaels Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Kilcloon Referee TBC
Na Fianna v Trim Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Enfield Referee TBC
Moynalvey v Dunshaughlin Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Moynalvey Referee TBC

BFL Div 3
Rathkenny v Clann na nGael Saturday 24/2/18 16.30pm Rathkenny Referee TBC

BFL Div 5
Navan O'Mahony's v Drumbaragh Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Paddy O'Brien Park Referee TBC

BFL Div 6
Slane v Ballivor Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Slane Referee TBC
Kilmainhamwood v Kilmainham Saturday 24/2/18 16.15pm Kilmainhamwood Referee TBC


Sunday 25 February

AFL Div 1
Moynalvey v Donaghmore/Ashbourne Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Moynalvey Referee TBC
St.Colmcille's v Skryne Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Piltown Referee TBC
St Peter's Dunboyne v Gaeil Colmcille Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Dunboyne Referee TBC
Summerhill v Ratoath Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Summerhill Referee TBC

AFL Div 2
Walterstown v Trim Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Walterstown Referee TBC
St Michael's v Curraha Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Carlanstown Referee TBC
Ballinabrackey v Nobber Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Nobber Referee TBC
Dunderry v Blackhall Gaels Sunday 25/2/18 11.00am Dunderry Referee TBC
Rathkenny v Oldcastle Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Rathkenny Referee TBC
Syddan v Castletown Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Syddan Referee TBC
Seneschalstown v Duleek/Bellewstown Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Seneschalstown Referee TBC

AFL Div 3
Dunsany v St Ultan's Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Dunsany Referee TBC
Cortown v Clann na nGael Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Cortown Referee TBC
Kilmainham v Bective Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Kilmainham Referee TBC
St Vincent's v Carnaross Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Ardcath Referee TBC
Drumbaragh v Longwood Sunday 25/2/18 11.00am Drumbaragh Referee TBC
Ballinlough v Meath Hill Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Ballinlough Referee TBC

AFL Div 4
Ballivor v Moynalty Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Ballivor Referee TBC
Slane v Clonard Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Slane Referee TBC
Boardsmill v Kilmainhamwood Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Boardsmill Referee TBC
St Mary's v St Brigid's Sunday 25/2/18 15.00pm Donore Referee TBC

BFL Div 4
Summerhill v St Ultan's Sunday 25/2/18 11.00am Summerhill Referee TBC

BFL Div 5
Clonard v Gaeil Colmcille Sunday 25/2/18 11.00am Clonard Referee TBC
Kilbride v Ratoath Sunday 25/2/18 11.00am Kilbride Referee TBC

BFL Div 6
Moylagh v Wolfe Tones Sunday 25/2/18 11.00am Moylagh Referee TBC


Friday 2 March

AHL Div 3
Donaghmore/Ashbourne v Navan O'Mahony's Friday 2/3/18 20.00pm Ashbourne Referee TBC


Saturday 3 March

AFL Div 4
Moynalty v Kilbride Saturday 3/3/18 Time TBC Moynalty Referee TB

AHL Div 1
Kiltale v Ratoath Saturday 3/3/18 16.30pm Kiltale Referee TBC
Trim v Kildalkey Saturday 3/3/18 16.30pm Trim Referee TBC
Killyon v Na Fianna Saturday 3/3/18 16.30pm Killyon TBC
St Peters Dunboyne v Kilmessan Saturday  3/3/18 16.30pm Dunboyne Referee TBC

AHL Div 2
Blackhall Gaels v Drumree Saturday 3/3/18 16.30pm Kilcloon Referee TBC
Boardsmill v Kilskyre/Moylagh Saturday 3/3/18 16.30pm Boardsmill Referee TBC
Clann na nGael v Navan O'Mahonys Saturday 3/3/18 1.30pm Athboy Referee TBC


Sunday 4 March

AHL Div 2
Longwood v St Peter's Dunboyne Sunday 4/3/18 10.45am Longwood Referee TBC

AHL Div 3
Kiltale v Rathmolyon Sunday 4/3/18 10.45am Kiltale Referee TBC
Kildalkey v Dunderry Sunday 4/3/18 10.45am Kildalkey Referee TBC
Kilmessan v Wolfe Tones Sunday 4/3/18 10.45am Kilmessan Referee TBC

AHL Div 4
St Patrick's v Ratoath Sunday 4/3/18 10.45am Stamullen Referee TBC
Wolfe Tones v Trim  Sunday 4/3/18 16.30pm Kilberry Referee TBC
Rathmolyon v Killyon Sunday 4/3/18 16.30pm Rathmolyon Referee TBC
Na Fianna v Clann na nGael Sunday 4/3/18 10.45am Baconstown Referee TBC
Boardsmill v Gaeil Colmcille Sunday 4/3/18 10.45am Boardsmill Referee TBC

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