Mayo - The Final

Replying To TheFlaker:  "3 out of the 6 were injured, 2 signalled before they were taken off that they needed to come off. So are you armchair experts saying he shouldn't have brought on any subs other than forced ones through injury? And who do you think should have come off instead of Doherty, Seamus and McLoughlin so? COC? DOC? AOS? Parsons?"
No I'm not an armchair supporter. I go to all the games and played the game. Those six guys that came off are better on one leg than at least two of the subs that came on. Why is Barry Moran on the match day 26 when he can't replace sos for 15 mins? The same with Dillon. Why can't Shane nally play? He's in the 26 for every game also. Who was carrying knocks Keith Higgins yes, Moran maybe who else? I didn't see anyone looking to come off. Rockford has done this all year and almost paid the price in earlier games and he eventually got done last Sunday. These are the real facts, wise up!

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Replying To Fullback:  "I would have left Andy Moran on for longer. Some people are saying that he was signalling to go off. I don't think he was. Just before he went off, Dublin had a kickout, and he was waving his arm around as a distraction. I don't think he signalled to go off. When he went off, he did so in a ¾ pace run. He didn't look in any distress. When Mayo went 2 ahead with less than 10 minutes of ordinary time left, I think it was the time to put A O'Shea in at full forward and play long ball into him with Moran and O'Connor feeding of that. Even if Mayo were getting little reward from it in terms of scores, it would also have the effect of dragging back Dublin players closer to their own goal, as they perceive O'Sheas height as a danger. And O'Shea had nothing to offer out the pitch at that stage. Like everybody else, I've seen Drake come on at the end of the games, and I can't tell if he's a back or a forward. What is his role when he comes on. It was only for the last 5 minutes, but he came on for Jason Doherty. Would it not be better bringing Conor O'Shea in to offer something."
I can tell you now Andy was 100 per cent injured and did signal to come off a few minutes earlier than when he was taken off. Not sure what you were watching.

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I'm pretty sure I saw Moran signalling to the sideline a few times shortly before he came off.

He had a great match but I think his race was run.

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Andy had an icepack on his hamstring from what I heard. Definitely injured. We need better forward options on the bench. We're fine defensively. Easy said, but the league will have to be used to develop a couple of different players. We know what the three established lads can do. Danny Kirby should be given a decent chance in midfield or fullforward. For me Conor Loftus is made for play making at centre forward. His vision and footpassing offer a new dimension over playing the likes of Aidan there. Fast ball in is the only way to overcome the massed defences, and accurate passing reduces a sweeper to a close in spectator. We need to keep improving in this area.

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