Nestor David

03 May 1996
Mayo’s David Nestor

NAME: David Nestor


HEIGHT: 5’ 71/2"

WEIGHT: 10st 12lbs

CLUB: Ballyhaunis


NOTABLE SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS (GAELIC): All-Ireland Under 21 runner-up 1995; All-Ireland Under 21 runner-up 1994; Connacht Under 21 winner 1995; Connacht Under 21 winner 1994; All-Ireland Junior winner 1995; Connacht Minor runner-up 1991; Connacht Under 16 winner 1989; Mayo v Galway 1995 1-6 to 0-6. Scored our goal

FAVOURITE GROUNDS: Croke Park; McHale Park, Castlebar; Semple Stadium, Thurles

HOBBIES: Snooker, horseracing, watersports, reading and driving


FAVOURITE PLAYERS: Peter Canavan, Trevor Giles

INFLUENCES ON YOUR CAREER: Martin Carney, William Nestor (younger brother, aged 10), John Maughan

THE HIGH POINT OF YOUR CAREER TO DATE: Being selected as Mayo Sports Star of the Year 1995

BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT: Losing to Kerry in the All-Ireland Under 21 Final


WAYS OF IMPROVING THE GAME: I feel that we need to help referees in some way. We need younger referees and the rule concerning body contact must be abided by more stringently. I would also like to see some National League games being played on a Saturday to give players some sort of weekend for themselves

DISLIKES ABOUT THE GAA: Their negativity towards any kind of semi-professionalism. It annoys me that Croke Park isn’t used for other events. All matches being played on a Sunday

DO YOU HAVE ANY RELATIVES INVOLVED IN GAELIC GAMES?: My brother William plays underage for our club Ballyhaunis

PERSON YOU WOULD MOST LIKE TO MEET: Hugh Grant played a few games with Divine Brown but I’d like to meet Liz Hurley and show her what kind of game I play

PET HATES: Smokers, people who eat the fat with their steaks, boring commentators, spiders and mice, people who drive through pedestrian crossings just as you are about to cross the road

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Oasis, REM, Beautiful South

FAVOURITE FILM: Seven, Shawshank Redemption and Pretty Woman

IDEAL DATE: I’d go to the cinema with my girlfriend. Afterwards I’d take her to a restaurant for a quiet, romantic meal. Then we’d return home and lie in front of a huge fire ...

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED: I would like to be remembered as an easy-going family man, who’d make conversation with anybody and who had a distinguishable and successful GAA career

Taken from Hogan Stand magazine
3rd May 1996
Vol 6 No 18

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