"The turnaround that they're asking amateur players to do is crazy"

August 11, 2019

Dublin's Brian Howard and Colm Boyle of Mayo

Mayo boss James Horan has branded his team’s schedule in this year’s championship as “crazy”.

Yesterday evening’s All-Ireland semi-final loss to Dublin at Croke Park marked the Westerners’ seventh outing in eight weeks and, speaking to RTE Sport afterwards, Horan says the demands on his team were very tough while offering no excuses for the 10-point defeat.

"If you think about the journey we've been on this year and apply any common sense to it, the turnaround that they're asking amateur players to do is crazy," he stated.

"I didn't really mention it all year, I'm not at all in any way using it as an excuse, but, you know, coming back from games at 2am in the morning and guys being in work on a Monday and just the whole what we're asking players to do is very, very tough."

He added: "Maybe give them two weeks for a semi-final, that would be a start. Something simple. I just think the turnaround was tough. But look, Dublin were fantastic in the second-half."

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