Durcan looks down the line

February 01, 2019

Mayo's Patrick Durcan

Mayo defender Patrick Durcan is adamant that reaching the Super Eights is one of their targets for the year ahead.

Following the disappointment of failing to reach the inaugural Super Eights, Mayo have turned to former manager James Horan to guide their fortunes this year.

Durcan told the Ulster Herald that they have set out a list of targets this year with getting out of the province and reaching the last eight in the All-Ireland knockout phase as the top targets.

“Last year it was disappointing to have finished the year earlier than expected. But we’ve had a lot of good days and good wins and hopefully we will continue to play against competitive teams,” said Durcan.

“Coming into this year, we have the seven games in the National League. The first target in the championship will be to come out of the province and then get into the Super Eights.

“The structure means you don’t know who you’re going to be playing if a team reaches the Super Eights. We didn’t get that opportunity last year, but that’s the path we have to go along to get to where we want to go.”

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