Moran's not the retiring type

April 06, 2018

Mayo's Andy Moran.
©INPHO/Tommy Dickson.

Andy Moran has insisted he wouldn't have retired if Mayo had won the All-Ireland last year.

The 34-year-old Footballer of the Year says he still gets the same enjoyment from playing as he did when he was a "young buck".

He told the Irish Daily Star: "I'll play for as long as I can. We had a second child there 13 weeks ago and I'm telling you that's testing it.

"But it's nothing to do with the football side of it. Home side now is crazily busy, the difference between going from one child of three to two, and still trying to play is... and having a wife that's patient enough to let you is massive.

"But it's something I love. More importantly, it's something my wife loves. She's been involved in football as long as I've been involved, so it's great. If you've got the support at home, why not?

"Football was way too important to me, when I was a young buck football was everything to me. Then my little girl came along and it kind of softened me a tiny bit."

Moran reckons Mayo will need to rack up 20 points to beat Dublin if the sides meet again in this year's All-Ireland final.

"Against Dublin, I've always had this 20-point marker in my head," he continued.

"If you get to 20 points you think you have a chance to beat them and we got to 19 last year. It was the highest we had got to, I think we got to 1-14 and 15 points previously. We go that 1-16 last year and they still could get to 20 points so the only team that have beaten Dublin have got 20 points.

"That was Kerry in the National League last year and I think that's where you need to get to."

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