Fenagh St Caillin's notes

March 24, 2020

As we still find ourselves in the midst of this unprecedented challenge to our country, our county and our parish please remember that our club members are on hand and ready to assist anyone in need to help you through the battle ahead. No matter the task or request we will help. Don’t hesitate to make contact with any of the Fenagh ladies or men's club representatives listed here. Shane O’Rourke  (087) 9366989, Marie McGovern (087) 6143072, TP McLoughlin (087) 6397554, Aisling Moran (087) 7743187, Paidh Rowley (087) 2639755, Elizabeth Honeyman (087) 7787942, Sinead Conefrey (087) 0512877, Amy McLoughlin (087) 3201085.

It is crucially important that we all follow the ongoing guidelines issued by the H.S.E. at this time. We urge all our players especially to continue your efforts regarding social distancing. This is vitally important to keep everyone in our community safe.

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