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Emlyn Mulligan NOT retired despite reports

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Newstalk (link) had this to say: "Leitrim's Emlyn Mulligan has announced his retirement from inter-county football this evening. The former captain made the announcement tonight over twitter and thanked those supported him during his time with the panel."

Newstalk: "'Want [sic] to thank all the Leitrim people for the support over the years,' he said. 'I have spoken to the Leitrim county board and I have informed them that I am retiring from county football. I have enjoyed all my years playing with Leitrim. I wish them all the best in the future.'"

Then I looked at this - link - and some family members and players are suspecting a frape. Then this appeared: link

Start and end of discussion :)

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Second thoughts... Any change this thread can be deleted? Thanks

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