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How can we improve standards within the county.

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After attending 2 Senior and 2 Intermediate games in the county last weekend and bar Manor I cannot say I was overly impressed. I feel we have allowed standards slip to an all time low and our county teams bear out this fact. It will only get worse if there is not a major think in.
Personally I feel there are too many teams in Senior Football Championship and too many in the Intermediate Championship. If there was a League and Championship ran in tandom, where only Div 1 teams play in the Senior Championship, Div 2 in Intermdmediate Championship. etc.
Two teams relegated every year, where there are 8 teams in Div 1 and Senior Championship. We only dilute the standards by having any more than that in any given year. Must have a division where teams must train hard to stay in the Divisions and train hard to get promoted to the highest division. The present system rewards mediocrity. You can be fairly average to maintain your place in the higher divisions. This was the way in the past and the standard was certainly better.

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