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Sean hagan steps down. Who should we get now

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Resources are very limited and I am not in favour of paying big expenses to any miracle high profile manager at this stage of our development.The last thing we should do is end up nearly bankrupt like some other counties because Leitrim does not have the population and wealth to cope with that.

The focus needs to be broader than the senior team,although in no way am I playing down the importance of a credible senior squad.

It needs to include underage, coaching at club level,resourcing development squads and a plan to realise the potential of our current minor and u 21 teams.

Perhaps when we have a track record with the above we could go the high profile route again.

joeman123 (Leitrim) - Posts: 169 - 05/09/2014 13:58:55    1648412


Main objective has to be to get out of Divison 4 and build up a decent team for the Championship. It would be great to get that feel good factor back again and get a few games run in the qualifers. Whoever the next manager is I am hoping he can keep a squad together for the full 6/7 months.I completely understand that to have a job has to be number 1 priortity for any footballer- and going to Canada, USA etc for the summer is the only option especially for the younger players. Crowd turnouts for the Division 4 games were pretty poor last year. Hope that as many supporters as possible come out and support players and new management all the way.

DamoK (Leitrim) - Posts: 50 - 05/09/2014 14:32:00    1648437


DamoK all teams in Division 4 have that aim, so what will make us the ones to get promoted. Getting out of Div 4 has to be be on the back of some success in the past few years. Roscommon won an All Ireland minor title in 2006, the fruits of that team backed by a lot of good underage teams since are only being seen now. This is where I have issue with the county board, they have all been there 4 years plus and sat on their hands in terms of development of underage, every year goes past with issues of clubs being treated badly by an out of touch county board. Joeman and others who don't like hearing ones giving out about the county board should look at their record, if they were smart men with good ideas then people could have faith in them. Look at what they have been involved since they were elected:
George and Barney been hung out to dry after firstly being backed by them
A Minor final that was unplayed
A club this year forbidden from playing in the U14 Championship
and there are others, but i can name them instantaneously.
I feel like Martin Luther pinning the 95 theses to the door during the reformation but while the men are all decent fellows on the county board one has to ask are they fit for purpose and going on the litany of mistakes they have made annually, you would have to say no.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 868 - 05/09/2014 17:14:07    1648529


The rumours are that Shane Ward is a shoe in for the job. Personally I'm not sure he has enough creditentials for the role, winning one game at U21 level with Leitrims strongest bunch of players in a long time is been massively hyped up. Also its probably an easy option for the county board to get him on board. Would have loved the county board to show a bit of ambition and get an expereienced manager like Fermanagh did with Pete McGrath in. I do really hope Shane Ward does a decent job for leitrim footballs' sake and wish him the best of luck.

Grey_Owl (Leitrim) - Posts: 35 - 12/09/2014 14:33:42    1651342


looks that way grey owl, wrong apporoach again in my opinion but I wish him all the best - from a dedication and commitment to training POV hopefully he should have no problems getting lads out to play.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 325 - 12/09/2014 15:11:26    1651353


It's gonna be Shane Ward lads. To be announced mid week next week, heard from a reliable source. Let's all wish Shane the best , get rid of a few bits of dead wood from the panel and give youth a chance, get guys who will totally commit their all into leitrim football, not like in the past, and get the best club players totally committed to playing for our county team and want to put in the effort to be called an inter county footballer. Good luck Shane we are all behind you

leitrim4sam (Leitrim) - Posts: 453 - 12/09/2014 18:50:31    1651459


Spot on Leitrim Sam that is more like it if the rumour is true.

It is amazing that the first two contributions on this topic were negative!!!

I hope the appointment of Shane Ward does go through.Although ,inexperienced at senior management level ,I have no doubt he will do a good job.

We have to be realistic too,Leitrim seniors campaign ended in a farce,with the majority of panel jumping ship.

It will take time to build a new team and a quick fix outside high profile manager would not have achieved anything except put the finances under further pressure.Remember we have tried this route before with good managers and a more experienced panel.

We are blessed that there is someone ,local with talent willing to take on this job and I lift my hat to him.

As Leitrim Sam says lets get behind him

joeman123 (Leitrim) - Posts: 169 - 13/09/2014 09:45:21    1651529


I hope Shane Ward is kept for 2-3 years so that he can build up a decent panel. Wish him all the best and looking forward to seeing lots of new faces on the panel!

DamoK (Leitrim) - Posts: 50 - 16/09/2014 08:54:26    1652477


Wardy confirmed, hopefully he can bring together a group on 25-30 fully committed players drawing a good few from last years u21 team. It seems to me in Leitrim promotion to division 3 is vital for confidence and commitment. The best we can then hope for in championship is to draw Sligo, the only home based team we can expect to compete with realistically. After that commitment in the qualifiers is vital, with a good draw we could win a game or 2 but we have to be realistic with expectations, a Connaught title is a long long way away at at the moment is probably more of a dream that a target. My main hope for 2015 is that we go up from division 4 and that Shane puts together a young team he can build upon into the future. I hope I don't seem too negative!!!

20pointhero (Leitrim) - Posts: 85 - 16/09/2014 09:23:36    1652489


Joeman would i be right in guessing you are involved in the county board? I have to say I am very suprised that shane ward has got the job, i know there was probably no one else in for the job but i believe it was a cheap and easy fix yet again for the county board. No dis respect to shane but he wins one U21 game and now he is the senior manager?? I hope it goes well for him and wish him the best but I dont see it going wwell this year!!

harleys (Leitrim) - Posts: 291 - 17/09/2014 20:54:23    1653227


Who is the backroom team as part of the management?

FoolsGold (Cavan) - Posts: 2035 - 19/09/2014 10:56:03    1653737


lets rally in behind the manager and give him a chance, he will need a strong back room team

some tough calls early doors will make him or break him

clear out what needs to be cleared and build the 21s and minors in and make sure we keep the junior team

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 19/09/2014 12:44:23    1653810


Harleys,I have nothing to do with County Board,but I stand over my comments.Good luck Shane/

Let us put our concerns behind us and get behind him and his team.

Colin Regan's article in the Leitrim Observer on the topic is worth reading,particularly his reference to the role of social media.

It will take him time to build a new team ,but there is a lot of good new talent around,not forgetting the existing bunch.

Interesting to note that 7 of the Donegal starting 15 are over 30 and a few more are heading that direction.

joeman123 (Leitrim) - Posts: 169 - 20/09/2014 17:50:07    1654275


Well joe man i think you might be the chairman of the co board joe flynn so i now see why you are in ssuch support for the new manager

harleys (Leitrim) - Posts: 291 - 22/09/2014 21:08:17    1655638


Part of me agrees with the appointment but part doesnt, we need consistency and continuity for a while until we get a settled team

1. the agree part is we have a good young manager with a knowledge of whats coming through being brutal about things we retain a few from the current squad and work on the development of this minor and u21 crop thats the best we have had for a long time, a familiar face at the helm should help with the transition of these players from 21s into senior

2. Have we gone for the cheap option, does winning 1 game make a summer? When it wasnt going well against the sheep i though the line were slow to change? Carlow's announcement today in bringing in 2 old heads to work with management will be interesting to see IF it pays dividends

As for the social media comments I read Colin Regan's peace and on the whole I agree with it BUT the players have to keep things in house too, if they dont thats where the he said she said starts, the same for the co board, we had the observer running with the ward story before nominations closed, bit premature but when does a paper refuse ink.

On the whole looking forward, will back the manager and team as much as possible next year, the choice has been made and lets give him the time to build, I have said previously if we clear out the deadwood in the squad and build towards London 2017, forget the FBD use that for the 21s and or juniors to see if they are good enough, silverware is nice but its a secondary competition, our panel is small enough at times so lets not deprive ourselves later in the year of players who might have knocks etc.

A final word, getting on the panel and wearing the gear around means nothing unless your doing it on the field, its not good enough just to make the panel, get on there and make a difference.

Heres to 2015 Liatriom abu

UniGaa (National) - Posts: 694 - 23/09/2014 21:58:50    1656347