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Whoever wins the championship deserve it. Everyone wrote Aughawillan off before the final and they won convincingly. I for one judging on past experiences would never write Aughawillan off. And the argument that they lack talent is baffling I feel themselves and mohill have some of the best young talent to cone out of this county in a long time. The three Plunketts, young Dolan, Gilheanys and Flanagan are alL teenagers or early twenties and blessed with talent as good as anywhere I feel. The negativity towards football in leitrim at the moment is harsh. Along with the afformentioned Aughawillan players Mohill have the likes of Quinn, Mulligan, Madden and McLoughlin all in there early 20s aswell. Ballinamore and Manor also have Talent such as Shane Moran and James rooney. I feel if they right structures are put in place, players like these and others such as Gaffney in drumreilly will prosper, look at the Minors and u21s this year they both achieved good success which will set the standard for the next few years but it only came about after the management teams put in place the right procedures. I for one feel that we have just as good as footballers as any county but lack the coaches and infrastructure that many other counties have. Our lack of numbers can be used as an easy excuse if we wish. But we could also look at gaining more players from other counties with a link to leitrim. The county board need to think positive and act radical. Finishing Annaduff hasto be a priority along with employing more coaches.

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