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Carrick Qualifier Venue

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At Donegal v Laois qualifier. What a fiasco with regard to the playing of the national anthem. 12000 people stood to the sound of silence.We then got the last 10 seconds. Turnstiles another fiasco. No scanners at them for season ticket holders. A steward outside told me the person at the gate would tear off the barcode and scan it later. The guy at the gate hadn't a clue. I had to explain to him that he had to tear off the barcode. Solutions to these issues are a - install a modern public address system b - Connacht Council train stewards properly.

rb60 (Down) - Posts: 31 - 28/07/2013 09:04:28    1444255


These are very important points, but frankly I doubt too many people will care for your problems!!
Didn't get to the match myself but heard the problems with the National Anthem added to the already great atmosphere.

Nelson (Leitrim) - Posts: 141 - 28/07/2013 12:33:25    1444499


That's the connacht councils fault about the scanner. Couldn't give two hoots about what happened with the anthem. For everyone's complaining about the venue not being suitable it wasn't a sell out.

SeanMacDiarmada (Leitrim) - Posts: 289 - 28/07/2013 13:52:54    1444617


You'd think Donegal had a modern all seater stadium. Poor lad, didn't get to hear the anthem. Get over it. You have a quality side that you can follow throughout the summer, we lost to London for god sake !!!!! Plus, most people on gates are voluntary so give them a break . We have actual problems in Leitrim football so stop your pointless moaning please.

coppers.abu (Leitrim) - Posts: 89 - 30/07/2013 17:27:54    1447921