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It's an awful pity the Observer doesn't do a Team of the Year in the Senior and Player of the Year for Senior Inter and Junior. Advertising and voting in the paper in the weeks leading up to a Presentation Dinner as is done in Cavan and Longford. Keeps a bit of interest post championship.

Here's a go at it, no need for criticisms, just post your team and we'll tally em up and see who comes out.

* Use discretion and common sense where possible

GK - Conor Glancy - Kept Mary's in the Semi with some brilliant saves. Consistent club keeper in the last few years.

RCB James Mitchell - Consistent stay at home corner back who's been a mainstay in the #2 jersey for Mohill.
FB Pat Gilmartin - Still has it at 35 despite not having his best game in the Final.
LCB Oisin Madden - Has improved dramatically between Mohill's C'ship wins. Pacy and comfortable on the ball.

RWB James Rooney - A bullock of a player. Excellent at getting Manor up the pitch and beating men in the tackle. A steady defender to boot.
CB Paddy McGuire - The outstanding footballer in this position in the county, bar none.
LWB Caillin Canning - Powerful runner and fielder. His strong carries helped Mohill close out the game vs Marys when pressure was on. Huge potential.

MF Shane Quinn - Very skillful player playing a link man role between the 45's. Great vertical leap. Pity he hasn't had an extended run with the county and he'd be better.

MF Dean McGovern - His county experience has stood to him at club level but struggled against Manor's midfield in the semi. Will learn a lot from this year.

RWF Brian McDonald - An absolute tyro and looked dangerous whenever he was on the ball in the county final. Takes serious marking.
CF Domhnall Flynn - Adds extra fielding around the middle for contesting kickouts and a strong runner into the bargain.
LWF Danny Beck - Brilliant game IQ. Mohill would have fallen in quarters and semi's in recent years if not for his influence and experience.

RCF Keith Beirne - A consistent danger. Game winning capability and proved the difference in the Final.
FF Niall McGovern - Largely responsible for Ballinamore's blitz through the group. Needs the fitness to match the physicality to hit the next level.
LCF James Glancy - Arguably still the best forward in the county, dangerous either as a scorer or providing primary ball to other forwards in his office between the 13 and the top of the D.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 316 - 16/10/2017 13:08:37    2055564


I dunno about some of those selections dodgy pass but sure maybe it's me that's wrong and your right. For player of the year I'd give senior to junior canning and intermediate to barry mcweeney

Fr.spodo_gamodo (Leitrim) - Posts: 184 - 16/10/2017 17:07:48    2055612


Senior & Intermediate team of the year.
Goalies; Benny Flynn, Conor Glancy & Philip Farrelly
Backs; Jack De Lacy, Nicholas McWeeney, James Glancy(St Marys) Barry Mcweeney Aughnasheelin, Gavin Reynolds Cloone, Oisin Madden, Caillian Canning, James Mitchell (Mohill)
James Rooney, Paddy MaGuire, Pat Gilmartin Manor, James Flynn, Shaun Chandler Leitrim Gaels, Noel Plunkett, Aughawillan, Damian Mitchell Drumreilly, Donal Feely Sean O Heslin's
Shane Foley Kiltubrid and Fabian McMorrow Melvin Gaels
Darren Mcloughlin Shane Quinn Mohill
Killian McGriskin, Manor, Conor Cullen Aughnasheelin, Dean McGovern SOH and Donal McCabe Drumreilly
Forwards; Gavin Sammon Aughnasheelin, Aidan Flynn Enda Moreton Leitrim Gaels, Dara Rooney and Stephen McGloin Melvin Gaels, Ray Mulvey St Marys, Domhnall Flynn, Keith Beirne and Ronan Kennedy Mohill, Conor Gaffney James Holohan Drumreilly, Gary Plunkett Aughawillan, Eoin Ward, Carrigallen, Sean McNabola Annaduff, James Glancy, Evan Sweeney and Aaron Hickey Manor James Gallagher Drumkeerin.

These would be the players that throughout the championship that stood out in the games I saw. Beck was immmense in the final but only ok before that. Ryan O Rourke had no major impact v Leitrim Gaels in the 2 games. Pearce Dolan and Mark Plunkett didn't play enough games but most likely would be shoe ins if they did.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 861 - 17/10/2017 05:57:32    2055669


My championship toty 2018

1.Colin Maguire aughwillian
2.James Mitchell Mohill
3.Alan Armstrong Mohill
4.Sean Harkin Mohill
5.Daire Farrell st Mary's
6.Fergal mcTague aughwillian
7.Ray Mulvey st Mary's
8.Mark Plunkett aughwillian
9.Shane Quinn Mohill
10.Sean Flanagan aughwillian
11.James Glancy Manor
12.Domhnaill Flynn Mohill
13.Niall Brady Major
14.Shane Moran Ballinamore
15.Gary Plunkett aughwillian

Leitrim1994 (Leitrim) - Posts: 8 - 30/10/2018 14:08:31    2148734


This idea is very hard to get right as nobody could have been at all the games so there will never be any agreement. In saying this how you don't have Pearce Dolan or Barry Prior in there is beyond me? Two of the Willies most important players. Fergal McTague was also to impressive at full back to not place him there. I think Ray Mulvey doesn't deserve to be in after not performing in the semi-final when St Marys needed him most in my opinion as they beat nobody of any real quality beforehand. Flanagan only came on as a sub so surely can't be considered? Just like the All-stars these awards are dominated by the two teams that reach the final and it shouldn't be any different.

Colin Maguire
James Mitchell Fergal McTague Michael Quinn
Sean Harkin Barry Prior Adrian Croal
Pearce Dolan
Mark Plunkett
Alan McLoughlin Domhnail Flynn James Glancy
Niall Brady Gary Plunkett Daire Farrell

It's a huge promotional opportunity lost by the Leitrim observer/Shannonside/Ocean FM and the County Board that they don't pick a team of the year and produce stats from the championship such as a top scorer chart etc. every week to create debate and discussion. I would guess that Gary Plunkett would top the championship scoring table as he was Aughawillans chief scorer whereas Mohill have 'Chick' and Beirne??

Even if they did a
Best Goalkeeper:
Best Defender:
Best Midfielder:
Best Attacker:

Along with your county player of the year, Club player of the year and Top scorer.

Have 3 players nominated per position and have online voting. The referees, team managers and reporters from the media could create the nominations as they would have seen the most games and give the award at a function in the Bush at the end of the year

LeitrimWay (Leitrim) - Posts: 64 - 30/10/2018 15:49:21    2148745


Leitrimway more like wayoff. You seem to creep Daire Farrel's name in to every team. From 3 games I watched him this year he is way off, he is not even the best forward in his club. He had potential at underage but doesn't seem near county level. His brother Conor is a lot closer to it even if he did poorly against Aughawillan.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 861 - 30/10/2018 17:27:54    2148767