Darcy backs move for second tier

August 29, 2019

Dublin manager Jim Gavin with selector Declan D'Arcy

Dublin selector Declan Darcy is in favour of the introduction of a second-tier football championship.

Due to his involvement with both the Dubs and Leitrim – whom he captained to the 1994 Connacht SFC – Darcy has a unique understanding of both sides of the GAA’s great divide and he feels that a second tier would provide hope to the weaker counties:

“I was on the Football Review Committee thing so I’ve heard a lot of interactions from managers and their beliefs and whatever else,” he told The Irish Sun. “I firmly believe that any player or county deserves respect and that’s what you’re hearing, from any player or manager that’s been asked.

“But when that disrespect comes, that’s when I felt the GAA has let down the weaker counties. I won an All-Ireland B title and don’t get me wrong, I was on the back of a trailer in Ballinamore and we thought we were after winning the All-Ireland. So it was fantastic, and that was important for us and we enjoyed that. But they need to listen to the counties’ needs, and what they need, and how they function.

“I was in Croke Park for the Division 4 league final, when Leitrim were playing, and it was fantastic, it was a celebration of what it’s meant to be about in the GAA, the community that you represent. And it was a great day for Leitrim. That’s what the GAA should be all about, trying to create those environments because the players have a great pride in that when they do get to that piece.”

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