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Why do ladies break fingers?

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In the last 4 months of the current season 7 of our ladies team have broken their fingers (needing casts/splints/etc.). This is a very high proportion of girls and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on preventing this. BTW we are using size 4 balls and there haven't been any other injuries at all this season - only broken fingers.


ladygaelicer (Cavan) - 28/08/2009 12:51:37    407519


I broke my finger too!

Orlaith (Derry) - 06/09/2009 18:57:53    417196


Cause they have five of them on each hand! Doh!

dingle1 (Clare) - 19/09/2009 00:41:20    430307


because cavan girls dont know how to catch a ball lol

The_Dude (Down) - 24/05/2010 19:13:39    657122


Did this happen when they were putting on nail varnish.Nail varnish remover should ease the pain.

fredrickwood (Roscommon) - 26/06/2010 21:42:12    687974