Staunton not turning her back on Mayo

October 18, 2017

GWS Giants' gain is not necessarily Mayo's loss as Cora Staunton could still extend her inter-county career into 2018.

Reflecting on her decision to sign a professional contract with the Aussie Rules outfit, the 34 year-old explained to RTE Sport that she could combine her Aussie Rules and gaelic football commitments in the new year.

"It's a very short season," she said.

"I'll move out once the club championship is over. I'm aiming to be out in the first week of December. It's a seven-game series, if you get to the final it's eight games.

"The first round starts at the end of January; it's a run until the end of March. Once that's over I'll be home again.

"I've no decision made on retirement. I'm going to give hopefully the next six or seven weeks to the club (Carnacon) and try and do my best there, then come out and start life out here.

"It'll buy me an extra couple of months before coming to a decision. I'll see how the body is come March. I'm not ruling anything in or out at the moment.

"When the season is over here in March, God knows where it will take me. I'll see how I am. I won't be making any decision until the end of March or April when I come home."

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