Lynch still ruing '65' decision

August 13, 2019

Limerick's Cian Lynch and Conor Browne of Kilkenny

Cian Lynch fears Limerick might never get over the mistake that cost them a possible equaliser during their All-Ireland semi-final loss to Kilkenny.

The defending All-Ireland champions should have been awarded a ‘65’ at the death – and a chance to force extra time - but the match officials failed to notice that Cillian Buckley got a touch to Darragh O’Donovan’s sideline cut.

“It's a regret that we'll have to live with the rest of our lives you know,” the 2018 Hurler of the Year is quoted in The Irish Independent. “Whatever we do in the future or if we get back to All-Ireland finals or even if we don't, I suppose when we're looking back in our later life, we'll remember that day.

“I know we lost fair and square, Kilkenny were brilliant on the day, but that was a decision that could have been a '65 and could have ended up drawing the game. I'm not spiteful or not holding any grudges but it is something that stays in the back of my mind and I was distraught after it to be honest.

“It's hard when you sacrifice everything in life, you're full-time hurling, you're trying to go to work and you barely see your family most evenings and when something like that can define your year, it's very hard to take.”

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