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Yeah look they gave us a brilliantly exciting year, right from the first League game against Tyrone there was huge positive energy around them and everything they did. It just got better over the summer, a wonderful day in Killarney with the sun splitting the stones, the train journey back to Tralee that night with all the Kerry fans singing was class. A brilliantly exciting game against Donegal, the novel trip to Navan, the brilliant comeback against Tyrone and at least 100 odd minutes of grit, heart and skill against Dublin.

For whatever reason we just didn't come out in the second half yesterday. The goal was a killer, having done so well to get back to level pegging it was criminal to give Dublin such a soft major score straight away. It should have been a free out for traveling but yet again the Dubs get the luck, why didn't Moran just drag him down. We have not learnt that lesson going back to 2002 and 2011! You can be sure Dublin would have!!

We just didn't do ourselves justice in the second half, terrible wides, a 46% score conversion rate.
We really need to work on goal scoring and creating goal scoring opportunities. But look overall our midfield and backs aqcuited themselves well and we won everyone of our kick outs so great stuff from Shane.
Think the management had a bad day on the line, those high balls at the start were odd for example. We took too long to get into the game and gave ourselves too much to do!

Ultimately Dublin were just the better team on the day, thought it was a strange atmosphere in terms of Kerry fans just not really getting into the game despite the impressive colour of them on the hill, loved the green and yellow flare at the start!

Don't think I could bring myself to watch it back, but look its been a hugely positive year and these young warriors are the coming team.

I thought I'd be more upset about Dublin doing the 5 in a row, but really they breaking that barrier does not lessen our county's amazing tradition and history in the game. When the history is written the proper context of their dominance will be remembered but they are still a class team!
Plenty will talk about them being the GOAT, its a stupid argument really and in reality they are just one of several brilliant teams throughout GAA history and a fair few of them wore the Green and Gold.

It will be a long winter for sure, but we'll be gagging for it again come January!

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Hermit, K'boy, the two Gerry's, as-ky etc well how's the feeling 24 hours on?

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