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Ref for hurling final

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Agree hogan35. Lets hope both managers display the same courtesy on the day.

baire (Galway) - Posts: 806 - 27/08/2015 17:21:12    1777217


Replying To suckvalleypaddy:  "Here we go again a ref from Wexford. This final lends itself to a Cork ref. I know Galway are in Leinster technically but I know the 50/50 calls will go against us. John Denton in 1989 was a disgrace. Pat O Connor (from Limerick but born or lives in Tipp I think) in 2001 denied Cloonan a penalty that handed game to Tipp. it suits these guys that Galway are stuck on 4 All-Irelands while we would be in fourth position after KK Cork Tipp in the roll of honour except for lousy officials. Obviously we lost plenty by being beaten by better teams also like KK in 2012 etc no complaints there but I am sick of Galway accepting refs. with hidden agendas, I would object to this now."
As regards 2001 Galway were not the only county with reasons to complain about refereeing. Every team Tipp played for a start had reasons to complain. Clare were highly critical of Dickie Murphy for his handling of the first round game. In the Munster fina,l with the sides level and the final whistle in sight , David Kennedy, the tipp centre back, lay on the ball about twenty yards out from his own goal in the midst of a ferocious LK attack. Horan of Offaly inexplicably gave a free out from which Tipp ended up getting a point off and pulled through by two. In the game against Wexford Paul Codd had the ball in his hand sixty yards out and preparing to drive over the bar, when O'Connor blew the final whistle the first day..
Now to add to that both Cork and Waterford were furious with decisions that went against each of them, when Limerick on each came from behind to dump them out of the competition. In turn Lk were incensed with Michael Wadding for dubious frees he gave to Wexford in their one point win.

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Fergal Horgan is the ref a Munster ref let's hope he does a good job.

bud14 (Galway) - Posts: 296 - 17/08/2017 17:19:49    2034798