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Dublin bullying of media... - 15 Like(s)
While I have taken issue with Spillane for past ablutions I think the way he has been hung out here is scandalous. He commented on the actions of a player who put his hands on an official. Whether intentional or not the rules are black and white and he merely quoted the relevant regulation. One would have thought his Sunday Game colleagues would have backed the correct application of the rules instead if currying favour with Dublin who are starting to resemble a one party state and displaying the behaviour of an arrogant oligarch.

Ulsterman (National) - 02/07/2017 15:03:38

Martin McGuinness RIP - 15 Like(s)
There's a deep sense of sadness across the Nationalist community today, we have lost one of our own. Martin, you stood up when others didn't and you led us when we needed direction. You will go down in history alongside Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King. May God Bless Your Soul. Rest in Peace Comrade. HOME IS THE GAEL.

Ulsterman (National) - 21/03/2017 16:07:56

12 weeks for Connolly. Is a GAA Witch Hunt in progress? - 13 Like(s)
Dubs should dry their eyes and take the punishment. Connolly is a superb footballer but he has to get the message that he is subject to the rules like everyone else. This self pitying, myopic, paranoid nonsense from Dublin fans really takes the biscuit. They have had Croke Park, the CCCC, media and many officials in their back pocket for quite a while now and the rest of the country have had their fill of their whinging. I wouldn't be surprised if Dublin do appeal and Connolly gets off on some technicality or legal argument. That however is why Gaelic Games is struggling in places, the one team, one dimension of the Association.

Ulsterman (National) - 06/06/2017 19:52:11

Dr Crokes vs S'neil - 10 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Congrats to Crokes a very contained, expierenced and disciplined performance. You would have to fell for SN in many ways they didn't deserve to be beaten, but were with their boots on, felt the bigger pitch wore them out, shot selection wasn't great and they were prone to rushes of blood to the head. Very spirited permormence and can be proud of the performance and achievement this year. Lovely gesture by Crokes with Amy O Connor, would melt the year."
Disciplined??? Are you for real? Cynicism personified but will be ignored and hidden behind the mushy Gooch stuff.

Ulsterman (National) - 17/03/2017 18:56:28

Inequality in County Funding - 10 Like(s)
Dublin GAA are more or less run as a professional outfit now and the reality is the rest don't really stand a chance. Dublin fans, Croke Park and media may all be wallowing at this but Gaelic football in the rest of the country is suffering as a consequence. However those currently running the Association are doing so on a commercial basis and Dublin means dollar signs. The bigger picture doesn't really concern them. As long as the cash cow delivers then the rest can go and whistle Dixie. I believe that people outside Dublin will eventually grow bored of the annual blue coronation and vote with their feet.

Ulsterman (National) - 19/07/2017 00:11:33

Does Diarmuid Connolly have his own rules? - 9 Like(s)
Once again a Dublin player gets away with a blatant indiscretion on the pitch. That was a reckless, dangerous grab of a player's neck that should have seen a straight red let alone a black. Tell us now the Dubs and Connolly DON'T get special treatment. It's gone beyond a disgrace now.

Ulsterman (National) - 17/07/2016 17:06:07

Dublin bullying of media... - 8 Like(s)

Replying To Damothedub:  "Sad , worse still you probably believe it which is even more sad"
What is sad is the denial and head burying of Dubs who cannot see the wood for the trees. Their arrogant behaviour reminds me of Man Utd and Rangers fans when they were winning everything. Sneering and looking down their noses at everyone else.

Ulsterman (National) - 02/07/2017 18:19:42

Tyrone's tackling-is it legal? - 8 Like(s)
Wasn't it a Tyrone player who took a bite out of the Apple in the Garden of Eden which led to the original sin? It was apparently also a Tyrone player who denied 3 times that he knew Jesus. Tyrone players were also allegedly seen shipping boat loads of grain, wheat, barley, cattle, pigs and sheep out of Ireland in the years 1845 - 1849.

Ulsterman (National) - 24/05/2016 21:08:44

This is not Kerry football - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Triple H:  "Silly fouling off the ball, pulling and dragging, more backs than forwards, defending in depth. Where do you stop. If Fitzmaurice does not change his tactics then the Kingdom are gone."
YES it IS Kerry football. They have great footballers but have a very cynical side too. Billy Morgan always said Kerry were the most cynical team Cork played down through the years. Kerry's awful antics today will probably be blamed on Tyrone and Donegal. Donaghy should get a hefty ban for that double punch on O'Shea.

Ulsterman (National) - 26/08/2017 16:47:09

Westmeath v Armagh - 6 Like(s)

Replying To royaldunne:  "Westmeath for me, terrible v dubs, but effectively packed bags up with 20 minutes to go Mullingar to be the difference by 2"
If the All Blacks were from Ulster and they were playing a Blasket Islands XV you would still tip the Blasket Island team. You fool no one, you don't like Ulster sides and have never had a good word to say about them. You wouldn't tip the Ulster entrant to win in a one horse race.

Ulsterman (National) - 09/07/2017 02:01:59

FAO Mayo Fans - 6 Like(s)
Patronising b******t!

Ulsterman (National) - 17/09/2017 21:58:10

Ulster Team Allege Sectarian Abuse. - 6 Like(s)
There's a story in today's Irish Independent that an Ulster U14 hurling team received vulgar abuse and partitionist catcalls at a tournament in Galway last week. The team's management and parents said the abuse included "British b*****ds" and "You're not even Irish". Many Ulster sides will tell you that this sort of abuse is rife when they travel South and it's shameful. I don't think the GAA and websites like HS can ignore this now as it's getting worse.

Ulsterman (National) - 14/06/2018 17:28:36

Brolly's constant contradictions and Kerry Bias - 6 Like(s)

Replying To candlewax:  "Not sure how many of you remember Brolly picking Donegal to beat Tyrone earlier this year, cant turn sideways now without hearing Brolly spouting something about how brilliant this Tyrone team are. He was also feeling awful for the " end " of this great Donegal team instead of maybe pointing some credit to the team who had beaten them by 15points? Also like to add can we get a Kerry pundit that doesnt mention Kerry every 5seconds , between three O'Se brothers, Gooch, Cinneide, Galvin and of course last but not least Spillane. They could be reviewing a game between Carlow and Leitrim and they could still manage to fit Kerry football into it 20 times. They havent won an all ireland in whats coming up to 4 years, Dublin should be the team theyre talking about nowadasy and Tyrone were the team they couldnt beat in the noughties. Need to get new blood to review games and stop talking about their own counties/agendas. End of Sunday game rant."
I used to have respect for his original views which I believe were honestly held. Now Brolly is just a parody of himself, a Spitting Image puppet who plays to the gallery. Joe sadly has become a figure of ridicule and fun now and no one really listens to him anymore. He has lost the one thing a sports pundit needs and that's respect. Brolly is part of the Dublin Establishment now.

Ulsterman (National) - 25/07/2017 23:03:13

Never Heard Of Him! - 6 Like(s)

Replying To Laois76:  "Whatever you were into in the 1990s a couple of the recent threads you started have done little for your credibility. You're taking pride in your ignorance on this thread and really showing you have a shallow knowledge of gaelic games. The thread you started about the death of Antrim hurling after the Christy Ring defeat to Carlow was disrespectful to the great tradition of Antrim hurling and equally disrespectful to Carlow who are a progressing team. You profess to be 'Ulsterman' and then belittle the great work being done in the promotion of hurling in Antrim, Down,Derry and Armagh. I actually used enjoy some of your posts as they were challenging and sometimes an interesting take. As of late you're moaning, whinging and whining like a spoilt child."
I can take it......... Laois I can take it..............blub blub! I am getting older, not that old, and the oul arthritis is kicking in so cut me some slack FFS. I used to play Irish League football on a Saturday and Antrim GAA on a Sunday and my joints are now crumbling into dust.......but I am not one for complaining. Firstly I don't disrespect my own county or Carlow. I get sad and frustrated at the state of Antrim hurling and football. I don't think modern day Antrim county players have the same backbone or fight in them as days gone by. Carlow hurling has made great strides and there's no doubt geography has helped them, being in the midst of hurling counties whereas we don't have that. Kildare have had some very good footballing sides over the past 2 decades but Willie McCreery's remarks about Ulster football were bang out of order and untrue. Were Peter Canavan, Stevie O'Neill, Sean Cavanagh, Cormac McAnallen (RIP), Oisin McConville. Stevie McDonnell, Diarmuid Marsden, Ronan Clarke, Michael Murphy, Colm McFadden, Karl Lacey etc BAD footballers with no ability or skill? It's total disrespect on McCreery's part and that's when I MUST defend my province. There's a lazy stereotype there and it has to be challenged.

Ulsterman (National) - 16/07/2017 00:22:57

Incredible decision For Tipp's 2nd goal - 5 Like(s)
Embarrassing and makes a total mockery of the Association.

Ulsterman (National) - 03/06/2018 17:32:15

Is Leinster Football Dead And Buried? - 5 Like(s)
With no disrespect to Carlow and Longford but Kildare and Meath falling to these sides is surely further vindication that Leinster football is in a seriously bad way. With Wicklow also going down by such a big margin Leinster as a Championship is now null and void. Croke Park's sole focus on creating a strong Dublin is destroying Gaelic football not only in Leinster but throughout the island; players and fans are losing interest.

Ulsterman (National) - 27/05/2018 21:24:23

What a superb finish to a game! - 5 Like(s)
Don't deny it. ALL of you watched that Tyrone/Donegal game right to the finish. You won't see a better finish to any football game on this island anywhere this year.

Ulsterman (National) - 17/07/2016 15:53:35

Mayo V Galway - 5 Like(s)
Shocking elbow to the face there, fully deserved red. That was very dangerous and the Galway fella looks out on his feet.

Ulsterman (National) - 13/05/2018 16:32:39

GAA Athletes For A NO Vote - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "I will be destroyed for this but......
Mickey Harte has no business even commenting on this issue as it has nothing to do with him. He is not resident in the ROI. This referendum is for ROI not Ireland as a whole."
That just comes across as insular, partitionist and petty. It's like someone living on the border saying because you're a Dub you have no right to comment on Brexit and the Irish border as it doesn't directly affect you. Ireland is a small place and this issue affects people on the entire island. Mickey Harte has every right to have his say on this, whether referring to the Association was correct I'm not so sure, probably not.

Ulsterman (National) - 23/04/2018 12:48:28

The HS Clique - myth/reality? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "I've seen this mentioned a few times now I remember when I started posting here I used to say the same thing! You have plenty to say but you mightn't get the same recognition So is it just a thing when you start posting and feel a bit left out, or is something altogether more tin foil hat brigade stuff thinking there's an agenda against you! For me it's only natural to back up posters that you share a similar opinion with, and that's most common amongst your fellow county men/women, but even at that there's been some right civil war posts between fellow county men/women and we've all been guilty of that! So if there is a clique on HS... perhaps it's more down to simple recognition between posters who have been here for a while... The way I've always approached it, it only makes sense to threat everyone with respect from the start and then wait to see if they deserve it... You'll always have some that are looking for conflict, or have an agenda but overall I think there's plenty on here with very well informed opinions and if you're not willing to recognise that then what's the point of contributing at all, we're all here because we enjoy GAA... IMO there is no clique..."
Damn it who gave the game away? OK so now you know you're in. We meet in Belfast EVERY July 12th and wear Orange collars......pssssss....don't tell anyone else,

Ulsterman (National) - 28/07/2016 21:49:31