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New Admins at HS? - 24 Like(s)
To Admins, and whoever else see's this...? Whats the craic with the new ULTRA conservative administrating of this forum? Threads and posts are disappearing all over the gaff lately. On the Eamonn Fitz comments thread last night you deleted half the posts! There was nothing incriminating or libellous in any of it, but it seems if you so much as whisper anything thats not ultra positive, your posts are deleted! Compare that to some of the stuff that has been left on in the recent past re Tiernan McCann, Diarmuid Connolly, Aidan O'Shea, Philly Mc ETC Whats the story Admin. Ye want people to use this forum, ye want us to post, so please explain to us what it is that is upsetting ye that see fit to remove posts re Eamonn Fitzmaurice etc? And dont say it had become personal because it absolutely had not! Do we, as your faithful users not deserve this much? Hard to be positive about a forum that just chops and cuts at the whim of one moderator over another. Yours, LW

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 06/04/2017 12:26:16

The Beast From The East - 13 Like(s)
Great to see Diarmuid Connolly back in a blue shirt over the weekend.........

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 26/02/2018 12:11:23

Egg on James Horans face - 7 Like(s)
The way he poo pooed Galway on Sky, Newstalk and the Star really came back to haunt him. He was incredibly arrogant. What was he thinking. Double figures he said !! Ouch!

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 18/06/2016 22:49:48

Media Mayo Mourning - 6 Like(s)
This will make me as popular as a fart in bed but anyone else sick to death of the print and broadcasts l medias group orgy of sorrow and woe regarding Mayo?? Youd be forgiven for thinking Mayo were horsewhipped by the Gestapo ffs I have said my piece in here re my respect and admiration for Mayo and their fans but Jesus at this stage it's getting to famine esque levels of anguish in the media . Sorry lads

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 18/09/2017 19:45:47

Galway vs Mayo - 6 Like(s)
If a dub or Tyrone player carried on like a certain mayo freetaker today this place would go into indignant meltdown desperate stuff

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 11/06/2017 19:54:16

Sean Cavanagh - 6 Like(s)
Now is not the time to talk about the match. Sean Cav you are a legend. A genuine bona fide legend. I felt for you today. You did not deserve that. Thanks for the memories. Love from Dublin. Good luck.

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 27/08/2017 17:50:09

Hurling pundits v Football Pundits V CCCC - 5 Like(s)

Replying To AgainstTheOdds:  "I remember a Football player punching another on the ground repeatedly and getting away with it a couple of years ago......."
Are you talking about the time a certain Kerry legend boxed a limerick wing forward 4 times in the Gaelic Grounds and then went down like a sack of spuds when he got a push back and had his man sent off.... That time is it?

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 15/08/2017 15:11:05

Pete McGrath says "up the Dubs" - 5 Like(s)
Anyone hear him on Off the ball! Ulsterman will have a hernia if he listens back to the podcast! To summarise - ulster funal was shocking stuff, rubbish football and he prays the Dubs win Sam for the sake of football! How i loved it and smiled! A boy Pete. Yp the Dubs

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 20/07/2016 20:34:24

It's Cavans to lose in 2018 - 5 Like(s)

Replying To potnorwindow:  "After less than one year in charge Mattie will propel Cavan to an Ulster title, then win through All Ireland glory You heard it here FIRST"
Ye would want to start stocking up on the tin foil and the bread soon Bread freezes well. Tesco do a standard load for 59c Packet of luncheon roll about a euro, easi singles another Euro Ye will get the summer ouf of that sure

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 05/09/2017 10:52:53

Galway vs Mayo - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Breffni39:  "Didn't see the game, but nothing would surprise me about a certain Mayo player. Sure I'm blue in the face trying to point it out on here. Butter wouldn't melt!"
Spot on. He gets all this sympathy and pats on his head, but he is as cynical a player as there is

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 12/06/2017 11:33:59

Dublin v Kerry - 5 Like(s)

Replying To plike:  "Connolly should have been hauled ashore. Unlike the Gooch, he will sail again when he sorts his rigging out. As for Geaney, I'm not sure what the deal was. A draw would have been a fair result BUT I think Dublin would have won that anyway. The fitness levels, speed of movement and (to borrow a phrase) offloading by Kerry just isn't good enough at present. We're not far off though... and all those who talk of Fitz facing a mutiny should be keel hauled, at the very least (ie dragged off to slaughter in Rathkeale)"
Plike, u say Dermo should have been taken off......? Was that before or after he kicked the score of the day off his left in full stride to win the game???

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 29/08/2016 12:34:14

Kimmage rant at Jim Gavin - 5 Like(s)
When Pillar was manager, and even still today when I hear him being interviewed, I cringe. He is the stereotypical arrogant cocky Dub. Great print. Media loved him. Tommy Lyons similarly. Jim didnt want all that BS, keeps the head down, concentrates on the sport and doesnt give Vincent Hogan what he wants, soundbites So now he is treated with contempt. Can't win. See here is the problem. The media WANT the Dubs to be bombastic. They want us to be arrogant. They want the Dubs to be the team the country loves to hate. They want a team of Mark Vaughans led by a manager like Pillar. They dont want a team of Brian Fenton's led by Jim Gavin. Just as an aside, when a cycling journalist and a soccer "pundit" are the most vociferous critics of a GAA team, well........ I'd love to see Joe or Cyril have a pop at Wes Hoolahan for spending his time scratching his arse on the norwich bench in the championship while the other clown tells us all what a world class footballer he is........

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 26/09/2017 12:51:00

Where Is Liam Walkinstown These Days? - 5 Like(s)

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 23/08/2018 11:44:32

Galway vs Mayo - 5 Like(s)

Replying To streaker:  "I usually switch off when I hear people comparing GAA players with soccer players, as they are generally biased or just irrelevant. However, someone just referred to COC as "the Alan Shearer of Gaelic Football", ie. he spends far too much time trying to referee games himself. Hard to disagree...."
The worst thing about him is his CONSTANT bitching to refs all the time

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 12/06/2017 18:21:09

Eugene McGee - Is It Just About Stopping Ulster? - 5 Like(s)
UM just wondering, do u see yourself as an Antrim man or an Ulster Man? And if its the latter does that not mean you yoyrself perpetuate the very separation that you rail against by encouraging the very same ulster v 26 mentality that u claim to resent?

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 04/09/2016 10:42:35

Kildare V Meath - 5 Like(s)
I hope Meath leather the daylights out of Kildare
Back in their box
Set up a real Leinster final again

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 06/06/2017 19:23:50

Pete McGrath says "up the Dubs" - 5 Like(s)
what i really loved about what Pete said was how much i KNEW it would annoy the like of Ruanua and UM :) And BOOM there it is in all its glory! Listened to the whole thing buddy and anyone who wants to hear it need only go to the newstalk podcasts. And I did indeed use direct quotes, you must have missed that bit! :) At no point whatsoever in the OP did i misquote or misrepresent Pete. Everything I said is there. As for the fella, Irishgael or something like that who gives out about Pete cos he didnt defend some Ulster county on the SG as they were being "dragged over the coal".....did it ever strike you that maybe he didnt defend them as he didnt like what they did and agreed with the analysis, or can your brain not compute that possibility? Is it imcumbent on all Ulster Gaels to defend each other against the marauding southerners!!! Regardless of content and instance??!!

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 21/07/2016 10:08:14

Why Is Kerry Called The Kingdom? - 5 Like(s)
Mordor was a kingdom too......................of sorts !

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 24/08/2018 13:46:01

Aidan O'Shea Diving - 5 Like(s)
The big proud head on him too walking off. This Mayo team are a hard team to like. Colm Boyle aswell. Diving mouthing digging generally acting the bolix. Hope we get the chance to send them packing again.

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 09/07/2016 17:26:17

Mayo V Donegal and the league in general 2017 - 5 Like(s)
Just a little thread on this game, is'nt it feckin GREAT at this time of year to have such a huge game with real meaning. The league seems to have taken itself up a notch this year. With the huge crowd at the Dubs Cavan game, the massive performance from Donegal last week, Kildare's resurgence as a possible contender, Clare's continuing rise and rise. Then you have huge games like the Dubs in Kerry in front of a packed house, and then this weekend you have Mayo playing for their lives against another of the big 5 who themselves are looking at a serious trophy in a few weeks. The controversy over the choice of ref etc etc Then you have Tyrone going to Kerry in what promises to be an epic encounter also with Kerry looking over their shoulders, and wouldnt Mickey only love to be the man to send them back into trouble! The league seems to have taken on a new level this year and its feckin great!

Liamwalkinstown (National) - 29/03/2017 13:16:04