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Leinster - Now A Hurling Province? - 8 Like(s)

Replying To sportsfan14:  "Based on things as they stand now it appears Hurling is the dominant sport in Leinster....perhaps not in geographically but certainly in terms of success.... How is football so poor?"
To be fair a team outside of Leinster hasnt won a football All Ireland since 2014.

TheUsername (National) - 26/03/2018 12:39:32

Stephen Cluxton - 7 Like(s)

Replying To greysoil:  "[quote=TheUsername:  "[quote=greysoil:  "FYI Username The Pale (An Pháil in Irish) or the English Pale (An Pháil Shasanach or An Ghalltacht) was the part of Ireland that was directly under the control of the English government in the late Middle Ages. It had been reduced by the late 15th century to an area along the east coast stretching from Dalkey, south of Dublin, to the garrison town of Dundalk.[1
The inland boundary went to Naas and Leixlip around the Earldom of Kildare, towards Trim and north towards Kells."]Thanks mate, not sure what your on about and choosing to think the best, so thanks!"]Just educating you on where the pale is/was. Obviously lost on you."]Yeah, I'm just not having that conversation thanks. *SHAKES HEAD.

TheUsername (National) - 13/06/2018 23:01:31

The pinnacle of cute Kerry h***r*sm - 7 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "To take one prominent example, DCU's sports academy was kitted out at mine and other tax payers expense for the benefit of Dublin GAA inter-county teams. Unlike Dublin, Kerry is not receiving bucket loads of handouts from Croke Park, the Irish Sports Council or 10-20 major sponsors every year. We have to fundraise to build our facilities, like our new centre of excellence or this sports academy in the IT in Tralee. So really I can't understand the issue with coming across an optional invite to a dinner of a legendary figure in the GAA to benefit a project in his native county!! If you paid taxes in the Republic (I'm unsure if you do or not as I see you are from Fermanagh), you would have funded a sports academy to benefit the Dublin GAA. But your concerned about seeing an advertisement giving you the option of supporting something for another county or not? Regardless, let's just cue up the usual Kerry bashing ..."
Not sure what any of this has to with Dublin, a bit miffed by the strength of that reaction. Just dont point though you are wrong on the grants given here: The Central council and Munster council gave the facility one million each for the COE = 2million Sponsorship: Kerry Group = 1million Sports Council = 7 million to facility in Tralee. I dont particularly have a problem with any of that, but the poor mouth narrative that often comes from Kerry is not really reflective of reality especially in comparison to other counties and what they get. You dont really have any financial adversity or anything to do without. I acknowledge we dont really have significant issues in funding in Dublin either and its not about that, though it would take us a good number of years to accumulate the above in games development grants. The victim narrative isnt really fitting when it comes to Kerry in my opinion, you get as much funding then anyone and better then almost everyone. I can understand based on the above why another poster may have raised this as an issue.

TheUsername (National) - 17/01/2018 14:20:06

Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 6 Like(s)
Fair play to Donegal!! I agree, it's been flagged to death for a year now! Win, win for Dublin, we either get a road trip or we play in the Neller for our home game!!! This will be great for us, a bit of controversy always galvanizes this team. It's like poking a bear!! Whip it up!!

TheUsername (National) - 03/07/2018 22:30:56

If Your County Had An Official Slogan, What Would It Be? - 6 Like(s)
"We have all your Money"

TheUsername (National) - 28/03/2018 14:38:29

All-Ireland minor football championship - 5 Like(s)
Congratulations to Loais. Really shocking to see the best minor team of all time dumped out in a first round qualifier. :)

TheUsername (National) - 06/05/2017 17:15:51

Why Is Kerry Called The Kingdom? - 4 Like(s)
That goat won't crown itself. :D

TheUsername (National) - 23/08/2018 21:34:04

Kildare Dis-Service To Smaller Counties - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Daith:  "Some very sheltered and self righteous posts from Dublin posters on here. You dont have a valid opinion on the subject if your county gets 16 million for games development in the same time Kildare receives less than 600k. You dont have a valid opinion on this subject when your real home ground, which is a similar size to st Conleths, is replaced free of charge by an 82k flagship arena. You don't have a valid opinion on this subject when that flagship arena becomes a "neutral venue" when it suits the GAA for the super 8s. Dublin fans dont have a clue what most counties have to deal with. Thats not their fault but it leaves them with an extremely blinkered view of the GAA world. The GAA has become the sporting equivalent of the Tories."
Let's be honest here there were 60k at the Leinster final last year. 30k Kildare I think is a fair split. How many were at the game Vs Longford last week? I don't think Kildare can take the moral high ground about giving others advice on how to support a team. I'm not particularly bothered about the outcome of this "revolution' even if I was going to support friends playing. But let's talk reality here throughout the 90s and the Mick O Dwyer era you were more then happy to play all your big championship and Leinster games in Croke Park so in a way hypocrisy is evident during this whole affair, I'd love to know where all the super fans went since 98.

TheUsername (National) - 27/06/2018 21:25:14

Diarmuid Connolly - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheFlaker:  "You are taking bias to a new level here lad! You are counting a penalty and a free lol. Keegan outscores him every time from play, check the record. Like seriously you are just being silly now counting 2 penalties he scored and a free lol. Man to man from play Connolly did nothing really and Kilkenny did even less. You look up what the 2 have scored and who was more influential, it was Keegan everytime. And yes that old black card in the replay. It was soft at best."
So if you discount the goals and points Connolly has scored playing Keegan, then Keegan comes out on top. :D We clearly won't agree on this, but for anyone ho interested in wishing to look and Connolly and Keegan head to head and look at what Connolly has scored of him it's all there. He did clean Kilkenny out though, but Connolly has gotten the better of him, looking at what he has scored in games Vs him. I suppose if anything me interested people can look for themselves, but spoiler alert Connolly has actually done quite well of Keegan, surprising so really.

TheUsername (National) - 22/03/2018 14:24:05

King Con - 4 Like(s)
I think he has been handled really well after his first year, my concern last year was he played three full all ireland championships, physically that is some achievement but winning all three is just amazing. Its been great to see him given lee way by the county, to play club hurling without county commitments and a little Singurson. The lad needs rest but also to have fun. I think he is getting both. Handled really well by Dublin in my opinion, we are in the fortunate position to be able to do that.

TheUsername (National) - 15/02/2018 10:22:41

The Dubs Propaganda Machine - 4 Like(s)

Replying To ballydalane:  "At least Cody shows a bit of passion and personality."
I see Jim Gavin gave up a free Sunday yesterday to go down Kilkenny and coach the Kilkenny football development squad, passion and personality indeed.

TheUsername (National) - 19/02/2018 11:37:00

The Talent Drain - 4 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "We just like to tell it as it is that we're punching above our weight big time and always have been. We get no hand outs down here and our success is due to our own hard work."
Apart from the three million handout by the GAA, Munster Council and Kerry Group, who gifted 1 million each for the COE. :) *Nothing to see here! :)

TheUsername (National) - 15/05/2017 18:20:58

Colm O'Rourke's article today re the GPA. - 4 Like(s)
It's an excellent article and he raises some excellent questions. It's scandolous if true that wages for 12 GPA are over 900k a year a third of their budget. I have long suspected that Gaa finance is like water in Ireland most of it is leaked before it get to source. There is a growing trend of greed in GAA at the highest level, the advent of testimonials, multiple fundraisers across the pond and the sale rise of the GPA. I think if there was an an all Ireland audit county by county similar things would be found. Yet that's whats required the GAA needs an independent audit of anyone or body in receipt of funds, or the method in regard to how funds are raised. I think some rotten practices are in place throughout the country,

TheUsername (National) - 12/11/2017 20:47:25

Paraic Duffy to step down as Director-General of the GAA - 4 Like(s)
You have to deal with this sort of thing when your successful. I feel sorry for the Independent, they have chosen there road though and the impact will be interesting. McKeanna isn't a very balanced or objective journalist for me, I think his facts and figures are very contrived and gerrymandered, but I think that's his agenda. He's made a career for himself manning the anti Dublin narrative, again you have to expect this narrative when your successful. I say that full well knowing Dublin are well funded and have natural advantages, but his stuff is badly hyperbole and purposefully controversial. I don't blame he's done well as Dublin as his meal ticket, but I think you have to question his objectivity given that agenda. Either way, it's better to have likes of McKeanna having a pop at you being champions, then lads having a pop at you for getting your arse handed to you for coming up short. It's better to be questioned about your success then it is your failure. Long may it continue!

TheUsername (National) - 25/01/2018 22:52:49

Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 4 Like(s)

Replying To MuckrossHead:  "At no point have I ever suggested that there should be an asterisk beside any titles won by Dublin, neither have I picked "facts out of the air" arbitrary or otherwise. All I have ever said was the Dublin have been the beneficiaries of corruption within the corridors of power in Croke Park. As for the this year's championship being rigged, I stand by that. I don't for one second say that it was done to favour Dublin directly, it was done to maximise revenue but rigged is rigged no matter what the reason. On the legacy issue, I think Dublin are a great team managed by the best manager the game has seen, Jim Gavin. But the facts are that they won the last two AI's by a single point in Croke Park their home ground which, according to Kevin Heffernan, is worth 3 points to them. When conversations are being had about who was the greatest, this Dublin team will be mentioned, but someone will always say "yes they were great but....". Why a small number of Dubs should think this is having a pop I don't understand. They aren't happy with all the success they also seem to want the rest of us to bow at the altar. Well I'm sorry, it doesn't work like that, as we in Donegal discovered when we had a bit of success in 2012."
Funny you should say, I was talking to a lad from Clare today who said he had asterisk beside Donegals 2012 win and Kerry's win 2014 on the basis that they never didn't beat Dublin in those years, who according to him have proved to be the best team of the decade and they just got lucky dodging them. Just to be fair and acknowledge we did agree Donegal deseverdly did deserve the All Ireland in 14 after they beat Dublin, but didn't win it. I suppose I just bring it up because lads I always will have different criteria on what they personally acknowledge and unacknowladge as success, it's irrelvent really what any individual thinks and doesn't make a blind bit of difference in history. Will the record show Donegal failed to beat the most successful team of an era to win Sam, nope, will anyone care nope. Shows the value of asterisk really.

TheUsername (National) - 25/07/2018 21:48:14

The Dubs Propaganda Machine - 4 Like(s)
The pundits in question have just released a statement: "We did a quick Internet search and didn't know the product was contaminated" Sound defence right there.

TheUsername (National) - 19/07/2017 20:57:23

Ominous Summer Ahead - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "I think the most salient point is this: Counties that competed and have won All-Irelands through marshaling the resources and talents at their disposal since the dawn of the inter-county Championship in 1887 - 31 Counties that have been handed the financial resources to hire and maintain a professional back room staff the size of a small army which ensures every aspect of their fitness, conditioning and match preparation is professional and hence why they now dominate - 1 Add to that, the incessant home advantage, the officials being appointed for Dublin's major games with strong links to the Dublin GAA etc etc, and you see why they are now going for 4 in a row. If it was anyway a level playing field like it used be in the 2000s when Kerry/Cork/Tyrone/Armagh and the rest were going at each other you would just have to suck it up and admire what this Dublin team achieved. But it's not an even playing field anymore is it, its a system created to ensure Dublin win as much as they can. Our Dublin friends can put their heads in the sand, label people who point this out as whingers and laugh all they want, it won't change the reality of what inter-county football now is - an artificially created elite of 1. Now I better be off before Jimbo claims I've grievously insulted all his family and friends again ;D"
33 teams take part in the Championship mate.

TheUsername (National) - 03/04/2018 16:54:56

The Super 8 - 4 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "Post about Kerry every second day on the Kerry forum, "mate", not many topics on the main page these days that have any direct relevance for Kerry, I've also given plenty of rebuttals to you today and they are all valid. Anyway username you've always tried to come across as balanced and reasonable but think people are seeing the mask slipping tonight. Nice little dig about checking my county by the way, you must be proud of that singular wit of yours. Enjoy the two home games in Croker in the Super 8s sure heaven forbid we could all be on a level playing field ;D"
Thanks mate, I've no idea what you are talking about on masks, but each to his own on Saturday nights. I won't even go there with the victim stuff, to easy. On the topic at hand, we have different ideas on points and debates and sadly I don't think you have any genuine interest in debating or being own minded. Your motivation is to post dogma and troll the site, the amount of threads closed down in the last week because of this is shameful. Listen all the best to you and Kerry this year, I really hope you both grow and develop. I think if this week has thought anything feeding trolls just closes threads and makes the place poorer. Hopefully this thread isn't anothe that will be closed. I'll leave it there in that spirit, on the points and you as poster, both are wasteful of time. Have fun playing the victim! ;) Atha Cliath Abu!

TheUsername (National) - 14/04/2018 23:41:14

Dublin v Donegal - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Donegal_abroad:  "Fair points and analysis there. But when Dublin play every championship game at home, bar one token game in Kilkenny to appease the rest of us, you can't say Dublin don't have advantages. Durcan was a magnificent servant for Donegal. Wonderful keeper, one of the best ever alongside Cluxton. If he decides to move abroad and not line out, he's only doing what others like O'Carroll and McCaffrey have done. Good luck to them all."
I agree mate it is a massive advantage, it is defacto Dublins home ground with other counties visiting occasionally, the fact that Croke park is in Dublin though isn't going to change, it's our county after all. Dublin also has a big migrant population I wouldn't say there would be much in the difference of fans travelling from Kerry, Mayo and Donegal and fans from those counties who live and work in Dublin, so while it suits Dublin it also suits a lot of ex pats see their county in the championship. Personally I would like Dublin to have a 40k-50k stadium in the City that we could blow the roof of, anyone who was down in Kilkenny would tell you what the atmosphere was like, simply amazing, in a lot of respects playing league and earlier Chapuonship games in Croke park takes awsome thing away in how well Dublin fans san support there team. Realistically though the only ground that hold the Dublin support from a Leinster semi onwards safely is Croke park in terms of capacity, transport and infrastructure. Personally I would like more away games, but would leave the GAA with a ghost town stadium like we saw over ge weekend. As for the game I thought we would blow you away in 2014, I won't make that mistake again, Ive been saying all year I don't think Dublin will win an AI this year and this was the one game I feared. I'd hate to miss though, will be a great spectacle and how the championship should be, proper all ireland football by two top counties as opposed to the turkey shoot we are seeing in the Munster Championship two on the other side of the draw, that must be more gauling for yee, given the games you have already played, all respect to Donegal as a result, I think yee will be battled hardened despite the quick turn around.

TheUsername (National) - 31/07/2016 16:49:08

Why Is Kerry Called The Kingdom? - 3 Like(s)
I always thought it was a bit funny to be honest, imagine a heap of grown adults going about the country declaring their from the Kingdom. I always think of Monty Python holy grail when I hear it and the Knights milling around the place with two coconuts making a galloping noise. Each to their own.

TheUsername (National) - 23/08/2018 20:20:50