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Should Stag nights for Gaa players be banned in Summer? - 10 Like(s)

Replying To tomsmith:  "Tomsmith Cavan here

I just wonder would the Gaa be a great service to the Gaa players if a total ban was imposed on all GAA players participating in this so called stag night or indeed the twelve pubs night during the Summerr playing season. It could be banned at club level first and then if it was successful you could have a county wide ban
I suppose it would have to be a voluntary ban.
I know that the females among us ( The great Mrs T included) will say that hen nights will be the next thing to be banned.
But if you look at it currently team managers have to juggle between weedings, stag nights, hen nights, 18th birthday, 21 st and the latest is a getting together celebration"
100% right. Birthdays should also be banned. Weddings wtf are they all about anyway. In this day and age how can any man in his right mind commit the rest of his life to one woman anyway. I think the GAA needs to lobby the US govt to restrict J1 visas from anyone who has played GAA over the previous 24 months. Add it to the declaration slip, ffs! Have you ever been part of a terrorist organisation? Have you played Gaelic Games? Have you been detained for drug trafficking offences? These f8cking players, are their f8cking liberties. Having a life outside of football! F8ck sake. Balanced life, I'll balance your f8cking life for you.

Whammo86 (National) - 29/10/2016 11:14:33

All the talk about Ulster!!!!Connacht is the strongest - 9 Like(s)

Replying To Cuckoosinging:  "All ulterior lads think they have hardest strongest most competitive province but three Connacht teams in the last 8 and we seen tonight what the second strongest team in Connacht did to one of the best in Ulster. Well done Galway"
Oh ffs Seriously how many Ulster posters have come on here saying we've the hardest most competitive province in recent times. It was true 10 years ago and to a much lesser extent 5 years ago but it really hasn't been of late. The one thing about being from Ulster though is you have to win more games to get to the same stage and apart from a game against Antrim there aren't really any gimmes in Ulster championship. Great win for Galway. Great Connacht final win for Roscommon and it's great to see 3 Connacht teams in the last 8. Why can't you just be happy with that? Why do you have to go around slagging off supporters from Ulster counties. It's just so agro and unnecessary. The only thing that matters anyway is the county team. Good luck to Roscommon next weekend.

Whammo86 (National) - 23/07/2017 09:39:52

Glenswilly 0-03 St Eunans 0-02 - 9 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "This was a full time score in a Donegal league game this afternoon. What do yiz think of that then ? Crazy."
Heard it was a cracker. Never more than a goal in it.

Whammo86 (National) - 24/07/2016 16:32:10

Does Anyone Remember... - 8 Like(s)
Last year when there were posters on here who didn't rate Ciaran Kilkenny. He doesn't score enough, all he does is pass the ball 20 metres etc. There's some foolish rubbish gets thrown up on here, I'm glad the passing of time has shown how idiotic those comments were.

Whammo86 (National) - 03/09/2018 08:48:45

Meath taking on Dublin subs...... - 7 Like(s)

Replying To Liamwalkinstown:  "This is a new low for Meath football
I may never love Meath, but i respect them. Perhaps more than I respect any of the other 31.
However, when I read this article on the main page, that Meath are basically recruiting lads who cant get a game for Dublin.with all that goes with the Dublin Meath rivalry...
I dunno. Meath lads, is this where its at?!

(Merry Christmas to all)"
Not much wrong with it in my book. If it's within the rules it's all fine. Dublin are happy to use players who've played their whole club career for Ashbourne, why shouldn't Meath use the best players available to them? A bit too much pride has probably hindered Meath over the last 15, they were slow to adapt to the modern game.

Whammo86 (National) - 22/12/2016 13:08:46

GAA Athletes For A NO Vote - 7 Like(s)
I posted on this last night and it didn't get through. It's disgraceful. No one should be using the GAA title in the name of political lobbying. I find it pretty appalling that a coaching camp was run as a promotional event for this also.

Whammo86 (National) - 22/04/2018 13:25:32

Arlene Foster At The Ulster Final - 6 Like(s)

Replying To maroondiesel:  "are you part of a solution? I know about the "uber mench" politics, I might even know a bit of Irish history. SF are cool with her going to Ulster Final, I vote republican, time to bury the hatchet."
No. The DUP should never be acceptable. That has got nothing to do with religion. That woman, her party and her supporters deserve no respect.

Whammo86 (National) - 24/06/2018 19:51:20

GAA Athletes For A NO Vote - 6 Like(s)

Replying To ROS1:  "Fair play for the gaa and reinforceing the fact that the are neutral and in fairness to this group the didn't actually use the word gaa although you can understand the confusion. I wish the charities and trade unions many of whom get taxpayers funding not to mention ordinary members subs would stay neutral as well."
It's being reported that they named their group "GAA athletes for a no vote". Is that incorrect, every source I see is consistent with that being their groups name.

Even if it isn't. They used a juvenile coaching event to plug their event.

That photo of them with the kids absolutely sickens me. They are just using them for their own agenda.

Whammo86 (National) - 23/04/2018 20:05:11

A pet hate of mine - 6 Like(s)
When there's a schmozzle between 2 players and the referee automatically gives both players a yellow card. Sometimes one player is much more at fault than the other player. One player could deserve a red. One of the players could deserve a talking to while the other deserves a yellow. Treat the incident and the players on their own merits. I think it's a cop out when a ref just gives them both a yellow.

Whammo86 (National) - 06/08/2016 19:00:39

Time to rebrand GAA grounds? (As Gaelic hubs) - 6 Like(s)
Is there a Gaelic revival now, I thought that was 100 years ago. I'm going to call a spade a spade here and say Croke hub sounds daft.

Whammo86 (National) - 22/05/2016 09:23:28

The Future Of Inter-County Football - 5 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "In the the figures i posted above mate, Mayo are receiving only 20k less then Dublin in all the different areas of independent revenue generation. Thats great credit to Mayo. But if there is an argument there to cut Dublin's funding from central funding and i acknowledge there may be, surely the same argument exists for Mayo. I also acknowledge the sport council funding is very questionable as well."
The sports council money and the GAA central development funds are one and the same. The ISC is a revenue stream for the GAA. They partner up to decide funding priorities and then it is actually allocated by central council. The sports council likes to spend money on easily defined projects under Dublin and hurling development titles. It probably makes it easy to publicize their work. Of the 9m or so spent by the GAA on development roughly 3.5m is funded by the ISC. 1m of the 1.5m going to Dublin is attributed to the sports council. They are not really additional sums.

Whammo86 (National) - 29/05/2018 17:00:09

Lost Revenue - 5 Like(s)
I stumped up the 105 quid to cover Antrim's losses

Whammo86 (National) - 26/03/2018 20:28:01

Teams you hate playing? - 5 Like(s)
Kilkenny Doesn't matter which code you're playing, the game will be over after 3 minutes.

Whammo86 (National) - 10/08/2016 18:16:37

Arlene Foster At The Ulster Final - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Cockney_Cat:  "It seems by the amount of red thumbs you're getting (four as I type); that the ignorance you mention, is rife on here."
I feel it all the time in Dublin. People commenting who haven't had to live the DUP just have no clue. You can read all you want about history, I've lived the DUP. Wally has lived the DUP. The DUP attend a GAA match in the same way as Trump salutes Kanye West. To legitimize their hateful rethoritic as having legitimate concerns, and that they are reasonable people. Don't be fooled. They are not. There's a long history of them no being and attendance at a GAA match doesn't matter a dot.

Whammo86 (National) - 24/06/2018 21:14:29

Loughnane tears into Galway - 5 Like(s)
If you rate a team as gutless because they lose to Kilkenny then there aren't many teams with guts. Totally over the top remarks. You'd imagine he had that piece in his locker for a while just waiting for a Galway loss. Comes across as very bitter. His comments regarding the Galway manager are down right appalling.

Whammo86 (National) - 04/07/2016 17:53:58

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 5 Like(s)

Replying To 11jm11:  "If the media in this country get their way rugby will be the no1 sport in the country in ten years. Lets call a spade a spade we won a friendly match against NZ and you'd swear we just won the world cup."
You know what though, it's not a friendly match. It's a test match, in Rugby that means something. The tradition in their game means that every game counts. It's an attitude I wish we had more of in our games. The GAA doesn't even give the National League much respect. Poor crowds, teams using it as a warm up competition. Played at a terrible time of the season. How often do you hear, "a sure it was only the league ". There was a story going around this year that Kerry had a hard training session the day before the final. I don't know if that was true, likely wasn't but it was in the realm of being plausible. We don't do ourselves any favours at times when it comes to selling our games.

Whammo86 (National) - 06/11/2016 21:18:14

If you could have three wishes from the GAA? - 5 Like(s)
I'd really like more threads on hoganstand about Mayo.

Whammo86 (National) - 21/08/2016 19:48:46

Dublin Vs Donegal - 5 Like(s)
I was at the game. Not sure what it looked like on tv but Donegal we're trying to win back possession. Easier said than done.

Whammo86 (National) - 15/07/2018 11:01:50

'The People's Game' - 5 Like(s)
I've rarely heard anything more delusional. There's barely any objective way that you could call rugby the people's game.

Whammo86 (National) - 06/03/2018 19:30:11

Poor state of football in rural Ireland - 4 Like(s)

Replying To legendzxix:  "There's no doubt Mayo are making an effort. Kerry likewise are looking at our own failings having neglected our youth. Tyrone might not be too far away either from mounting a credible challenge. It is sad to see the game in such a poor state right across rural Ireland. The capital are at the same consistent level they've been at since 2005. Again, they can only beat the opposition in front of them. It's up to other's to come up with the answers."
Pure dung Dublin have taken the game to a new level. These threads are a joke. You've come back after you've "wintered well" and are peddling the same crap over and over again.

Whammo86 (National) - 19/03/2017 20:23:09