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12 stadia to make up Ireland's 2023 RWC Bid - 7 Like(s)
I understand the tourism side of it and would benefit from that myself.I was also in agreement with opening up Croke Park to rugby for the brief time the Aviva was under reconstruction.That was a unique reason though and the GAA would have looked bad if they didn't help out. I feel this is different though.The GAA is in competition with rugby and why should we help Irish rugby host such a huge event and all the positive feeling that rugby would gain because of it?What has Rugby ever done for the GAA?Besid ban the playing of our games in some colleges?I realise i'll have little support on this one but that's my stance on the matter.

cuederocket (National) - 15/11/2016 13:57:28

Can the GAA survive the Rugby onslaught - 6 Like(s)

Replying To ormondbannerman:  "unfortunately when Ireland lose in Rugby somehow the GAA get blamed by the mainstream media. Not enough playing rugby type blame. GAA not international etc. Anyway Dublin is booming. Dublin has most of the population and the largest economy of this island. It accounts for half the population and most of the economic output. Dublin is much much bigger then say Limerick, Dublin is also a GAA stronghold!!!!!! galwayford (Galway) - Posts:879 - 04/02/2017 17:00:04What nonsense is this?? How does the GAA get blamed?"
Ormonde,who gives you the right to question other posters experiences in regards to rugby?You come across as an arrogant and awkward person,to me.Always trying to pick holes in just about every post.Who do you think you are trying to tell posters from Dublin what rugby is like in the capital?We have all grown up here.Your attitude stinks and your a pain in the hole!

cuederocket (National) - 05/02/2017 16:33:02

Mind Guru's - 5 Like(s)
Anyone read Joe Brolly's piece in Sunday Indo yesterday?I thought it was excellent ; the man is a serious writer.I agree with him fully in regards to the plethora of sports psychologists and mind gurus' doing the rounds ; Enda McNulty being the main protagonist in GAA circles.For want of a better phrase,i think it's all a load of sh*te.

cuederocket (National) - 31/10/2016 11:49:47

Hurling better than football....?? - 5 Like(s)
Why compare?I love both and have twice the pleasure of those that only like one of our great games (:

cuederocket (National) - 10/07/2016 18:38:38

The greatest hurling shock of all time! - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Greengrass:  "Just great to see . I am delighted for Westmeath. I have always loved Kilkenny hurling . However last year as I left after the senior hurling final I heard a Kilkenny lad saying that he wasn't going to the homecoming because he was "sick of them". That lad needs a serious dose of humility ."
Careful there greengrass,i'm sure your being watched by the head of the Kilkenny gestapo,the ever vigilant,johnwhite.Only fullsome,unwaivering praise of all things Kilkenny will avoid a sardonic,critical response from the pesky cat (:

cuederocket (National) - 26/05/2016 10:45:56

12 stadia to make up Ireland's 2023 RWC Bid - 4 Like(s)

Replying To ormondbannerman:  "Aviva Stadium, RDS Arena, Kingspan Stadium and Thomond Park Nowlan Park, Fitzgerald Stadium, Páirc Uí Chaoimh, MacHale Park, Pearse Stadium, Casement Park, Celtic Park"
Don't agree with the use of all these GAA stadia for the Rugby world cup.If they haven't got enough of their own stadia they shouldn't be allowed host it.

cuederocket (National) - 15/11/2016 13:12:09

Keyboard warriors - 4 Like(s)

Replying To Jackeen:  "God this thread is good for the soul in one way but desperate in others. I'm awfully sorry to hear your respective troubles. Im a great believer in a day at a time. If that seems too much then an hour or a minute at a time. It just seems more doable then. Cue theres a lad in my gym that used to be like you. He had to remove himself from his whole life to rid himself of his demons. He got rid of all his friends when he realised they were enabling him and as such werent friends at all. Isnt it mad though the perception we form of each other based on our posts when we really know nothing of the person. Might i suggest to the admins that they rename this thread to mental health awareness in an effort to reach out to others who just might confide in strangers on a GAA board since its anonymous? Good luck to you all.....forza!!!!"
Cheers jackeen.Wise words.Funny thing is these lads in town i've associated with on and off over the years,hand on heart,i couldn't count one of them as a friend.I head in there to get what i need and these lads tolerate that because they make easy money.A fake/symbiotic relationship has developed as a result but i have nothing in common with these lads.Sport is the only common ground. I am ashamed to think of socialising with these people but when your desperate and you know you can get decent stuff you will do anything to get it.I kept it to myself for years and the pressure of this was horrific.Eventually i broke down to my Mam,a good country woman oriiginally.I hated telling her but i was cracking up.For the last number of years she has been a huge help to me.I tell her everything ,warts n all.She is terrified of what could happen to me on that stuff,and she shivers when i say i've been in the north inner city.She fears the worst and has pleaded with me to stay out of there,away from these people.It has worked to an extent,but i still have the odd slip up.Once every five/six weeks may not sound much but i could be out for two days and blow hundreds(even thousands the odd time).In saying that i haven't been in there in over two months.Saturdays session was local in west Dublin.My problem is not the drink.However when i drink,i need the other stuff.And i will go the ends of the earth to get it.Without drink,i couldn't care less for it.So obviously the drink is a bad idea. When i try and think of it,i dont know how its happened.Or why.Things just snowballed.I got to know some lads in there from my job and the years have just flown by.I'm 40 soon,and am determined to get my act together.I lead a very normal life 99% of the time.I want that to be 100% of the time from now now.

cuederocket (National) - 07/06/2016 20:57:50

Egg on James Horans face - 4 Like(s)

Replying To MesAmis:  "Incredibly harsh assessment Liamo. On all known form he was dead right to predict that Mayo would win. This was a genuine massive shock."
Exactly mes.It's all well and good being wise after the event.Unfortunately,as a pundit,Horan has to call it as he sees it.Imagine not knowing the result before giving your pre-game assessment?Imagine having to call it as you see it?Horan is a good pundit.This result changes nothing in that regard.Like the vast majority,he called it wrong.Big deal.For those sticking the boot into him,one phrase comes to mind : hindsight is the foresight of a gobshite.

cuederocket (National) - 19/06/2016 09:14:19

Dublin v Laois - 4 Like(s)
Depends what part of Dublin your from Henry.Dutch Gold for the lads from Finglas,Ballymun and Ballyfermot.Stout for the lads from north county Dublin.Alcopops for CroiGorm and the lassies.Vodka for the Polish Dubs.Moet for the toffs from Ballsbridge and Foxrock. The carriages will be full of scallywags,gurriers,burglars,villains,pickpockets,louts,drug dealers,dipsos,thugs and the odd person of half-baked integrity.And thats just the trains leaving Portlaoise.

cuederocket (Dublin) - 20/05/2016 12:45:26

Division 2 2017 - 4 Like(s)
Must be hard for Andy McEntee to to take a step down from Ballyboden St Enda's to the Meath seniors'.

cuederocket (National) - 05/02/2017 17:32:32

Dublin v Meath - 3 Like(s)

Replying To ziggy32001:  "Well if we go to man to man and don't have a gameplan Micko can resign after the game."
After the game?I'd say the taxi will be waiting for him at half time!

cuederocket (Dublin) - 14/06/2016 16:59:00

Division 1 2017 - 3 Like(s)
Difference with me and you hermit is i have said on numerous occassions that Leinster holds little interest for me at present.I don't take any pleasure in hammering teams of vastly inferior standards and,through no fault of their own,totally out of their depth.I have attended very few Leinster turkey shoots of last 10 years where the hot topic of pre-game discussion is whether Dublin will cover the ever-increasing handicap spread.Lambs to the slaughter comes to mind. Whereas ye Kerry lads have no issue in hammering the same four minnows over the last 100 years.Ye have no problem with the plight of the four counties ye have downtrodden for decades.All high-fives and smiles as Waterford or Clare are beaten mercilessly to the bloid-thirsty,adoring crowds.Never once have i heard you say,the system is not fair to these counties ; you've been happy with the status quo for 100 years.And whats another 100 years to massage yere egos while the game suffers all around ye.If you think that's good for the game then happy days.Kingdom Abu!

cuederocket (National) - 09/02/2017 16:43:29

Keyboard warriors - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Dellboypolecat:  "Keyboard warriors is spread like wild fire in social media twiiter , Facebook etc .it is not to bad here to be fair however on my experience on a personal note I received some shocking abuse couple years ago which everyone know it affected my mental health .now only advice I can give and Said before think before you type as you do not know what that other person is going through in there own personal life and online abuse to affect there mental health . #iamareason"
Fair play pal.Nice post.

cuederocket (National) - 06/06/2016 20:51:08

Division 1 2017 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheHermit:  "There is so much wrong with that post Cue, I don't know where to begin. Yes I am what you would probably call a traditionalist when it comes to this Championship restructure debate. I have said on here numerous times that the provincial system should and must be accommodated. That's my opinion and I see nothing wrong with expressing it. And yes Cue, a Munster final on a balmy Sunday afternoon in July in Killarney, with the stands full of swathes of Kerry and Cork fans and both counties going at it hammer and thongs does excite me!! And if you understood the Kerry/Cork thing believe me it would excite you too. The problem with you Dublin boys is you expect to be seen as our biggest rivals and can't understand that while the Dublin/Kerry thing rares up every couple of decades, Cork/Kerry is going on for 120 years+ Your accusation that it is somehow Kerry's fault about the standard of the other 4 counties is ludicrous. How are we meant to be held responsible for what happens in other places? You seem to see Munster and Leinster as the same, they're not. There are huge historical, sporting and socio-economical differences between these two provinces. Kilkenny is arguably the one hurling county in Leinster. In Munster, all bar Kerry would consider themselves hurling counties. That has obviously had an impact on how they view and treat the football code and a knock on effect in terms of how competitive they are. Leinster has become a dead duck for what I would argue are artificial reasons, which have been well flagged on here ad nauseum. I would also say your reply shows a complete ignorance and disrespect of what the Munster football championships is actually like. If you look back at Kerry's wins over the Clares, Tipp and Limericks over the past 15 years, it might surprise you how close those games where especially compared to what Dublin have been doing in Leinster. Ya maybe the 4 others havn't won a Munster title in a long long time, but they have always played hard and tried to (and most of the time succeed) in giving Kerry a game over the years. When's the last time a Leinster team did that to ye??? Is the fact the likes of Clare and Tipperary managed to be in a Q-final last year at least some small evidence for those looking in that they aren't actually too bad at football. It is just arrogance on Dublin's part to think that just because they have contrived to make the Leinster Championship a laughing stock that the rest of us should all do away with our own provincial competitions. The League is the League, the Championship is football."
Delusional,my Kerry friend.Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.And ye have had that power for 125 long years.Your so long feasting on Munster's bony carcass that you can't see how stale and predictable it has always been.One game v Cork a year and the Kingdom's appetite is sated.All hail this monstrously brilliant one - game competition!There are none so blind as those who choose not to see.

cuederocket (National) - 09/02/2017 18:58:13

Division 1 2017 - 3 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "The league i think is gaining an increasing prestige, not sure will it ever come with the umph of an All Ireland particularly with the proposed change in structure after the provincials which will hopefully sort out the historical imbalances somewhat in the easy passage through the provinces. But the league has come on leaps and bounds, both for counties in terms of competitiveness and increasing value and as a spectacle and entertainment. Rather hen it being the old prep for the championship or the new best competition i think its stature has just risen and is of becoming of increasing value for counties and for fans. Im somewhat surprised about the amount of media coverage of the league this year and also the hype and expectation especially the early pressure or media lash back on the back of a bad Mayo result. Changing times and growing staure for me, not quite what it was but not quite and prob never will be on a par with the Championship."
It is only goin to get bigger and better,i feel.Many people are bored with the predictability of the provincial championships.There is nothing predictable about the four national leagues.It is fantastic entertainment for two months.

cuederocket (National) - 10/02/2017 14:06:28

Diarmuid Connolly Genius - 3 Like(s)

Replying To SaffronDon:  "another Dublin player appreciation thread...yawn"
Haha,to be fair i agree with this.At least they should mostly be put on our own Dublin page.I think we've nearly seen all 15 Dublin players have their own appreciation thread on the main page by now.I'm half expecting to see a thread about the skill and importance of the Dublin team bus driver,the speed of the water carrier and the soft hands and dexterity of the lad that gives out the oranges at half-time.

cuederocket (National) - 06/06/2016 21:32:28

Tyrone - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Fionn:  "Good man Cue. Nice to see you back online. Nerves at me already about the final - really hope we dont leave it behind us like we did in 2014 when we were playing great stuff that year before the Donegal ambush... Mayo are on some roll at the moment and will be playing their 10th game - some marathon for them. All I hope for is that we get a fair ref for both sides and the team that wins deserves to do so on the day. If we play to our potential then we have a great chance but last year v Mayo on both occassions I thought we were not at our best at all. Jim and the palyers know that, so hopefully we can raise the level yet again in 3 weeks time. Countdown is well and truly on......"
Thanks Fionn,but not back online.Just came back to properly say goodbye to my fellow county posters who i soldiered with on here for the few years i was on HS. Special mention to Mes,Realdub,Ath Cliath,Jimbo and Hill.It's been a pleasure lads but i don't have the urge to post anymore.Thank's for the memories. Keep up the good posting and defending our great county against those scallywags who try to defame and debase it ; the begrudgers will never win. It's a small world lads and who knows where our paths may meet but it's over and out for this chapter in my life. Dubs forever.Adios city slickers!

cuederocket (Dublin) - 30/08/2017 12:24:37

Mental Health Awareness thread - 3 Like(s)

Replying To Dellboypolecat:  " Have a read of my article"
Harrowing article dellboy,but with a warm,uplifting ending.Total respect.

cuederocket (National) - 07/06/2016 22:42:02

Keyboard warriors - 3 Like(s)

Replying To GreenandRed:  "A day at a time Cue and the Serenity prayer. Some mornings it seems an impossible effort to even get out of the bed, lying in seems a comfort but it's not good for the head. There used to be days when I lived in a bedsit and would wait until it was dark before going around the corner for bread and milk, fearful I'd meet someone I know and of their reaction. Later you realise people have their own lives, don't really give a shite uf you're up or down and are more likely delughted to see you. A down head will always fear the worst. Getting into a kind of a nightshift, watching telly until early morning and sleeping during the day, getting my head into a fearful state. Get out into the fresh air, it can work wonders. I have, thankfully, some great mates who literally nearly banged the door down to get me out sometimes. They were a bit softly softly with me but it took an almighty bollocking from one of them to give me the kick in the arse I really needed more than 17 years ago. There's been plenty of ups and downs since then but anyone who never made a mistake made anything. Get to that meeting as soon as you possibly can, don't wait until next week. Being able to share your problems with people in the same boat is fantastic and gives you hope."
Thank you.This is over a 10-12 year problem for me.Don't know why it started but think Celtic tiger years in the capital.Money was flush.Town busy seven nights a week.And it wasn't just alcohol fuelling the revellers.Started off small.As the years gone by it's ended up big.I ended up having to drink in some of the worst pubs in north inner city to meet the people i needed to meet to get what i want.Have done this for 10 years,on and off.I've drank with people who have been in the media lately and lots of them ; people i otherwise would have nothing in common with.Got into some very scary situations.Addiction is a terrible thing.I've blown so much money,easily six figures.I've had to go to hospital unable to stop puking blood for hours end ; put serious pressure on my heart.Probably lucky to be alive.I only did an addiction studies course in the city last year and paid for it myself to try and stop the rot.It worked for few months but im back to my usual every five/six week massive bender where i do a lot of damage.Dont know why i have highlighted this on here but seen as we're all anonymous i guess i've nothing to lose.I'll attend a meeting next week and try my utmost to kick this crap for once and for all.Fair play to all posters for words of encouragement.

cuederocket (National) - 07/06/2016 19:04:01

Lads - Best of Luck - 3 Like(s)
I echo my county mans sentiments.Sure what have we without the GAA?It would be a very boring life without it.Strip away our county colours and we're all part of the same GAA family.If i happen to pick up any of ye Mayo boys over the weekend it is half price in my cab.A small gesture for fellow gaels.Enjoy and stay safe lads!

cuederocket (Mayo) - 29/09/2016 20:03:34