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GOAT - 11 Like(s)
Must be great WiFi on the Hill :D Equalling a record doesn't make you better esp when another county has done it twice.

TheHermit (National) - 02/09/2018 17:23:56

Who Can Challenge Dublin In 2019 - 10 Like(s)

Replying To realdub:  "Ah come on lad, throw us an auld congrats there will ya, and maybe the hermit will follow suit :D"
Congrats to Dublin and joining an elite bunch of counties in achieving 4 in a row. It shows that this team have a remarkable hunger undiminished by so much success - really speaks to an amazing culture being cultivated in that dressing room. But let's be honest, the reason the rest of the GAA world is so pessimistic and depressed is because Dublin represent something Gaelic Games have never seen before. Comparisons with previous Kerry teams of the Kilkenny hurlers are wide of the mark. It's not a case that this is just a remarkable bunch of 10 of 15 players who, once they retire, will see Dublin slip back into the chasing back as happened with other successful teams before. Dublin are now a semi-professional outfit operating at another level to every other county, even the likes of Kerry, Cork, Tyrone etc. They have a massive support structure in terms of facilities, financial backing, backroom expertise that no other county can match, short of bankrupting themselves. Look at what Mayo have been spending on their senior team trying to keep up. Highlighting this is not bregudgery or spreading falsehoods - it is simply telling the truth. If it was Kerry benefiting like this, Dublin fans would be up in arms along with the rest of the country and rightly so. If the powers that be inside Croke Park maintain one team up on a pedestal like this how does that reflect one the overall ethos of the GAA today. I know people are sick and tired of hearing all this but it is a huge issue, perhaps the most critical issue, facing the GAA and it is not going away. As someone above said it really is time the other County Boards presented a united front to Croke Park and forced them to end the treatment of Dublin GAA before we are here in 10 years time watching a Dublin team win it's 12th All-Ireland in 15 years.

TheHermit (National) - 04/09/2018 11:22:31

Interesting picture from Sunday's game - 8 Like(s)

Replying To waynoI:  "

Kerry and the dark arts. Who'd have thought it.

What do ya think of that then ?"
You know there's a way you conduct yourself in victory as well as defeat that tells a lot.

For example setting up this topic and as justification posting up a photo of Walsh with his mouth open to Cluxton.

I suppose from your vantage point you missed the dirty stroke Small pulled as he was being substituted at the same time as Donaghy was coming off? Classy stuff, I was three rows behind the Dublin subs and everyone around us saw it as clear as day.

But I suppose you don't want to talk about that sort of thing do you? It wouldn't sit well with the whole heroic Dublin and evil Kerry theme you want to indulge today.

You won the game, we lost. We accept our defeat and we go home and lick our wounds for the winter ahead.

When we win we don't spend a week on here posting up gloating threads and when we lose we don't come on here b*tching to all and sundry.

In the aftermath of Sunday's game we could be on here starting topics about referee selections, decisions, Dublin's 'Dark Arts' etc etc but we don't.

We don't because we are Kerry people and we know that in the grand scheme of things you win some and you lose some but there's always another game, another championship, another All-Ireland down the road.

So Waynol why don't you grow up, be grateful you have a great team to support at the moment and be a bit gracious in victory.

TheHermit (National) - 01/09/2016 10:52:34

AOS - A passenger who cost Mayo All Irelands - Brolly - 7 Like(s)

Replying To why:  "So players ability is based on if they would make the Dublin team or not? How long did you play inter-county football for? Seeing as you're such a great judge"
Ah now, don't be expecting too much from poor old Liam. I mean this is the same fella that has given us such classic topics on here as the ongoing disgrace that Cluxton wasn't footballer of the year every year since 2011 or the disgrace that Dublin don't have 15 All Stars every year Sure even Gooch or Maurice Fitz in their prime wouldn't get on this Dubs team don't you know. Eoghan O'Gara, mind, is one of the most outstanding talents of his generation ...

TheHermit (National) - 27/01/2018 13:48:44

Marc O'Se - 7 Like(s)

Replying To shoulderghost:  "Bye bye Mark O'Se, and thank you...Sheer class! 16 seasons at the highest level is crazy in this day and age. Those O'Se's were a different breed though. You can examine all the great footballing families that ever represented any county at the highest level, none, NONE even comes close to those O'Se's!"
22 years or there abouts of at least one of the brother O'Se's on the Kerry team sheet, its going to be a strange strange feeling never seeing any of them line out in the Green and Gold again. Seems like once you enter your 30s you find all your hero's departing stage left - Darragh, Tomas, Marc, Declan, Galvin, Mike McCarthy, Tom O'Sullivan, ROG, Paul O'Connell, Robbie Keane etc, etc Of course new players will emerge to lay claim to the voids they have left behind. But I often wonder if, as a sports fan, you ever adore any star as much as you adored those first ones you made as your heroes. Maybe its a bit like the first time you fall in love, do you ever real feel that way about any woman/man again??

TheHermit (National) - 12/10/2016 13:44:33

Kieran Donaghy retires - 6 Like(s) Can't even imagine Kerry football without our Fear Ard, the last link with our great team of the 2000s too. Why oh why do all good things have to end, I thought he would go on forever... What a legend, what a player, what a man - a Rockie to the core and one of the finest servants to wear the famous green and gold and above all, a fighter to the end. God be good to you Kieran, you King in a Kingdom of Kings :(

TheHermit (National) - 11/09/2018 10:57:35

Ominous Summer Ahead - 6 Like(s)
Granted Dublin have great players, are they better however than those that peppered the Kerry or Tyrone teams of the 2000s. I don't think so. So you're left looking for other explanations for Dublin's dominance. For me a major one is the large professional backroom team they have. Dublin are as close to professionally trained, conditioned and prepared as this sport has seen. Where is the money to pay these people for their services coming from? Why do Dublin have that money and other counties don't? Didn't Gavin even add to his support team in January by bringing on board a video annalist from the soccer code? I don't often agree with Brolly but he made a good point when he said Dublin have everything in their backroom team bar a gynecologist. Playing at effectively a home ground obviously contributes to their success in the Championship, I don't think anyone can deny this. Look at Kerry's own record for games in Killarney. What about my point concerning individuals officiating massive Championship games involving Dublin who live in Dublin and have clear links to Dublin GAA clubs? The Premiership stood down a referee in 2016 when Lecister were closing in on their title because he admitted to having previously going to a Lecister home game as a spectator. The Six Nations stood down the touch judge for the Ireland v England game this year as he had been involved in training with the English team. I'd like to know if Dublin posters, or others, think it's ok that this goes on in the GAA?? I don't think any fair minded individual can look at how much the deck is stacked in Dublin's favor these past few years and not bear it in mind that when judging how great a side they are or on a wider point question what the GAA is at in allowing it to continue. Listen it's been Kerry's worst decade since the 1990s, and I don't think the team we've had the last couple of years would have won much in any era. But there's one or two games they might have caught Dublin. Mayo of course are the county that should feel most aggrieved at these little advantages that have got Dublin over the line ahead of the rest.

TheHermit (National) - 03/04/2018 20:56:11

Division One 2017 - 6 Like(s)
That's a fine pitch ye have up there lads, thank God the rain held off. We worryingly faded out again around the 55 min mark, this has become something of a trait of Kerry teams of late. But fair play to Roscommon they battled back and were unlucky not to get some result. I can see why the home support might have been irked by the ref. This time last year ye looked the team to beat but we all know what happened in the Championship so maybe it's no harm flattering to deceive in the League (we've certainly been doing it long enough!!). I'd be expecting Roscommon to be in the shake up come the Connacht final if ye get a full squad fit and ready. Also kudos to Kevin McStay on League Sunday shooting from the hip, I thought those comments last week were ridiculous considering that Roscommon have had a number of outside mangers in the recent past. As for ourselves we need to be 70-80% better than we were yesterday to put some manners on the Dubs in two weeks, a tall order!

TheHermit (Roscommon) - 06/03/2017 10:21:19

The Super 8 - 6 Like(s)

Replying To TheUsername:  "Exactly Parnell Park game is the fair solution to be fair no one has said it won't be. It shouldn't be up to Dublin to rescue the GAA financially. It is a bit ironic though, everyone wants more money, but then everyone would enjoy a petty win about Dublin not playing in Croke Park."
A strange phrase you have used -, 'enjoy a petty win about Dublin' - are you suggesting there is something 'petty' about wanting all eight counties who qualify to face the same challenge on the field of play? At present the system will mean that Dublin have effectively two home games, where the crowd will be 80%+ in their favour (with all the influence that gives in terms of team morale and influencing refereeing decisions). As any fair minded individual can see this is a distinct advantage over every other county. There are plenty of grounds in Munster which have the capacity to accommodate Dublin's season ticket allocation and have room left over for a few thousand more of their supporters. It would also mean the Dublin County Board having to do what every other County Board has to do come the Championship - put their hands in their pockets and pay to transport and accommodate their senior county footballers on match day. Heaven knows they have all the money in the world to pay for it!

TheHermit (National) - 14/04/2018 12:29:17

NEW President - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Cavan_Slasher:  "What did Kelly do that was so good?"
Rule 42 and all that, it's 10 years since that famous weekend when France came to Croke Park. Introduced meaningful lower tier national hurling competitions. All Ireland junior and intermediate club championships. Not a bad couple of years work by any strech

TheHermit (National) - 23/02/2017 17:02:01

Kerry Investment paying off? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To Gael85:  " Another trophy in the cabinet for Kerry tonight winning the u21 Munster and odds on favourite to win u21 AI Throw in they have won last 3 minor All Irelands, 3 Hogans Cup. Dr Crokes winning club All Ireland and their clubs dominant at intermediate and junior club level. With the Kerry Group investment over last year few years it is no coincidence Kerry are starting to dominate football at all levels. We will soon see them take over the mantle from Dublin and fair play to them, They have produced great young players like Killian Spillane, Andrew & Jack Barry, David Clifford, Dara Moynihan, David Shaw, Jason Foley, Shane Ryan and Micheal Burns who will be superstars in next year or two . Is Kerry investment paying off??"
IF and WHEN these lads win an U-21 and then move on to win a Senior All-Ireland we can sing their praises - for the moment they're just a decent young team but there's plenty of counties around that have decent underage teams. Dublin's record underage isn't exactly terrible now is it? And yer clubs do very well for themselves too. So the GAA/AIG/Skoda/Super Valu/Ballgowan and the other 20+ sponsors gravy train is oiling the Dublin machine nicely.

TheHermit (National) - 30/03/2017 09:36:57

Dr Crokes vs S'neil - 5 Like(s)
It's a terrible thing to be insulting Irish people on our patron saints day, but my God most of ye are such stereotypes. Ulster posters going off on one about Crokes when it was their opponents that finished with 14 men (courtesy of a punch in the balls), and most of Crokes scores were courtesy of frees. But no, it was Crokes that were the cynical side. Yer some shower...

TheHermit (National) - 17/03/2017 18:37:49

Dublin Getting 2 Home Games In The Super 8s. Fair Or Unfair? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To jimbodub:  "You have it sussed thehermit We're sick of of being the cash cow and the GAA making millions off our back.. I mean where are all these funds going? This has to stop.. rolling us out to keep the money men in Sky happy! It's not all about money.. it's time now that Dublin get to be like every other county instead of being used time and time again to bank roll the organisation. It's unfairly drew an awful lot of criticism to Dublin's door step and really Dublin are being used and not getting any sort of due credit for it.. Time for this to stop as it's obvious now that a lot of people are unfairly using it as a stick to beat Dublin with when it's got nothing to do with Dublin.. Dublin are told where to play to generate revenue for the organisation but this in turn unfairly draws criticism, resentment, calls of foul play and denies other venues/towns the opportunity to promote the game within their county.. It also denies Dublin fans the chance to enjoy away games which is a massive part of the enjoyment found in our games.. a source of enjoyment that's been largely denied to Dublin I actually prefer the league! At least we can get away to games if we get the chance and Dub favs travel in big numbers.. it's theconky chance we/they get There's more important things than just the GAA using Dublin as a cash cow to generate funds which only brings resentment to Dublin's door. We're sick of something completely out of our hands being used as a weapon against us."
You'd bring a tear to a glass eye Jim. All that slavery to the GAA's coffers and what has it got ye? Nothing only a miserable 16.6m pumped back into Dublin GAA on top of the money earned from those 14 official sponsors including our national airline and one of the world's largest financial service companies (whose net profits last year were over 6billion). All those supporters in a city that's economically booming - being denied the chance to spend all that disposal income on a few roadtrips. Instead forced to get a short bus or tram ride (or worse yet take a quick stroll) to all their Championship games. No need of hotels or even having to shell out for a dinner cause it's waiting for ye at home. And what's perhaps most upsetting of all, never getting the chance to be outnumbered in the crowd at a game. Never being unable to influence the refs and get the home town calls every time. I think the only choice the rest of us have now to end this senseless abuse of Dublin is to organise a massive protest concert (in Semple Stadium for justice's sake) - let's call it Dub Aid and sure we can get that Dún Laoghaire ex-pat Sir Bob to take up the cause!!! Today it's Dublin but if this senseless abuse continues then tomorrow it might just be YOUR COUNTY (probably not though)...

TheHermit (National) - 02/07/2018 22:03:32

Brolly's Exclusion Zone - 5 Like(s)
interesting in theory, in practice this would be impossible to police. I mean how do you define how close a marker is standing next to a forward for him to be a man-marker. What happens when attacking players are constantly sprinting in and out of this exclusion zone in a matter of seconds, who is going to be able to keep track of how many defenders are allowed in and out as the situation changes in a micro-second. It just seems like it would become impossible to police very quickly. I'm all for change that brings back core skills like kick passing and rewards attacking talent (these are things that would certainly benefit Kerry's style of football) but I just don't think this idea is a practical runner.

TheHermit (National) - 01/10/2018 13:55:43

What Makes Gaelic Football superior to others? - 5 Like(s)
For me it's the history, pageantry and tradition of it all. I know every sport has that, but for me the history and tradition of the GAA are more real. I love match days, especially the big Summer match days. I always make sure to walk all the way to the ground if I can. When I am in Dublin I love walking from outside Ranelagh/Rathmines/Harolds Cross, wherever I might be staying, all the way into Croke Park. At first you think there's no game on at all, the way everyone is going about their normal business - but the closer you get to the Liffey the more and more jersey's you spot, the more the atmosphere builds. Then, somewhere around Camden St, you start to get the beeps from the car horns, the knowing yet unspoken nods from the other Kerry fans, the good humored words of encouragement from some neutral walking by you and the smart alec remarks from someone of the opposition! And, for myself anyway, I always think I'm just a little link in the chain; walking the same steps into Ireland's sporting Cathedral that my father did in the 70's following Micko's marvels, or my Grandfather did in the 50's watching Mick O'Connell, Sean Murphy Tadghie Lyne and co. I love getting on a train or bus and being around the fans traveling on match day. I keep the earphones in the pocket and listen or join in (if I'm lucky) with the talk of the old men, reliving some long last game, when the Sun was impossibly warm and this or that player was impossibly skillful - 'ah young fella if you think Gooch was good you should have seen the Tiger Lyne in action, a prince among forwards'. I get on the train up from Tralee and think about what it must have been to be on the legendary Ghost Train as it powered through the Autumn night taking generations of Kerry fans to Dublin. But again there is a simple pleasure that, in my own small way, I'm helping keep alive that tradition and that history of going to Croker to cheer on the Gold and Green. And when you're up in the stand looking on at those men parading on the pitch in the Kerry jersey you can't help put think of all the great players that have gone before and the great players that are yet to come, and that each of them - and each of us - are just a link in an enduring chain. And that is both a humbling and awe inspiring thought. But I guess most of all, for someone who has had to spent so much of their adult life away from my home county, what I love about the game is that those 15 players go out and try and show the world everything that is great and good about my home. They represent the very best of what we are and hope to be. That's why I love this damn beautiful sport - warts and all.

TheHermit (National) - 26/01/2017 17:55:16

Brolly's Exclusion Zone - 5 Like(s)

Replying To slayer:  "I think it is an excellent idea. It doesn't matter how far you are away from your marker. Two attackers means two defenders. A third attacker goes in & a third defender can join him. The attacking side is dictating how many players go in there. It would also mean less short kick outs, not a bad thing in Gaelic Football. The only downside is that with their players, Dublin would probably still win things as the game would suit their fast free flowing style. Nothing against the Dubs, just the same team dominating is not healthy. But at least we would have a spectacle. Good stuff Brolly. Thumbs up!"
Would you not end up with hordes of players hovering just outside this exclusion zone though? Would it not create a situation where the middle of the pitch becomes a massive scrimmage with 11 or 12 players each side basically converging on the ball?

TheHermit (National) - 01/10/2018 16:02:22

Financial Doping in the GAA - 5 Like(s)
Jimbo and some other Dublin poster on here are basing their justification for Croke Park's policy on the misguided assumption that Dublin is the only county that has any sort of strategic development plan worthy of so much funding - that Dublin is the only place where hundreds or thousands of coaches and volunteers work hard to ensure the success of the GAA there. Well to reiterate what I said in an early post, in 2010 the Kerry GAA but in place a well thought out, planned and structured development programme to address what they saw as the underwhelming record of Kerry teams at under-age level in national competitions. The coaching teams and development squads etc which are part of this programme has been behind the remarkable 3 in a row of minor titles won by Kerry since 2014. The underage model we have employed is already being studied and taken on board by several other counties across Ireland. The Kerry GAA is a very well run organisation and isn't our success at under-age now proof of the worth of our development programme? Just like Dublin, we have hundreds of dedicated volunteers and coaches working their backsides off to ensure the success of our teams at all levels. Yet we still are getting less than one fourteenth the amount Croke Park is lavishing on Croke Park. Dublin is not the only county with well planned and implemented development programmes, yet they still getting multiples of the rest of us, even when their teams are now being so successful! How any of you can justify this is baffling to me, as I'm sure it is to any one else reading your posts. P.S., on this whole other justification that the GAA in Dublin would be swept away by a tsunami of soccer and rugby unless Croke Park kept pumping in millions - Do you think that in the modern era every county is not facing the same struggle to keep the GAA alive in the midst of the growing popularity of rival sports? In my home town of Tralee, soccer is becoming incredibly popular, which is very worrying in what was always a town that was a bastion of Gaelic football. Likewise basketball is making serious inroads at under age. This notion that the GAA in Dublin will disappear unless they are lavished with money is BS of the highest order. And, as other posters have pointed out, surely the fight is far more critical in the likes of Belfast, Derry, Limerick, Galway and Cork???

TheHermit (National) - 10/10/2016 12:38:47

Is Leinster Football Dead And Buried? - 5 Like(s)

Replying To KingdomBoy1:  "WOW Offaly and Meath will never again see a poor day, you'd make a great spin doctor."
The boys a natural genius at it, did you hear him on another thread massaging figures to show how Mayo only have 19k less than Dublin every year, completely ignoring the 16.6mill Dublin have been thrown by Croke Park since 2007 as compared to the 534,000 Mayo got off them in the same period :D

TheHermit (National) - 31/05/2018 14:05:53

Padraic Duffy's plan - 5 Like(s)

Replying To witnof:  "Hold on. Louth, Westmeath and Leitrim have never been strong contenders no matter the format, and most likely never will. So lets stop blmaing the formats for their problems or lack of success. No format will make a weaker county stronger. Secondly the arguement that the proposed pool takes up extra Sundays and leaves club players twiddling their thumbs. I call BS on this. Every year 24 counties are finished in the championship by the time the Q-Finals start first weekend of August. YET they still cannot or will not run off their local county champtionships. They wait to September and October. This is also, for me, why the CPA makes no sense. The problems are often within the counties, blaming the 'GAA' or 'Croke Park' is often an easy excuse."
Isn't that the crux of the whole thing??? You have Duffy going around the country this past few months trying to sell this 'Super 8' format. If he took the same amount of time to visit the County Boards and insist they get their club structures in order, we wouldn't have to be in a situation where club players in the vast majority of counties are sitting on their hands all summer. Personally I think the new format idea, is just window dressing. Always good for players to get more games but as another poster said, for supporters coming from Donegal, Kerry etc its a hell of a lot more expense. Within 5 years we will be complaining about it as much as the qualifier system. Also can someone clarify, the idea is every county in the Q-finals gets a home game, an away game and a game in Croke Park. Now does that mean Dublin effectively get 2 home games and everyone else just one?

TheHermit (National) - 20/02/2017 09:38:32

Tough task ahead for Kerry in the Semi Final..... - 5 Like(s)

Replying To witnof:  "So the only chance Kerry have of an All Ireland win is in a joke of a competition!"
Pretty disgraceful comment that, why exactly is this a joke of a competition? The Junior grade has been around since the early 20th century. Counties like Kerry use it (very successfully) as a bridge between minor/U-21 and senior players. Maybe keep your cheap laugh's at Kerry's prospects to the Dublin forum and stop insulting players who put a huge amount of time and effort into representing their counties.

TheHermit (National) - 21/07/2016 13:57:25